Another 1:12 scale room view by David Claudon


be my princess for GREE
event story(prince wilfred route)

Pierre=Pieno(bad princess )
Claude=Prince Claudon(Prince)
Prince Wilfred= Knight

Prince Claudon(゜∀゜;)!?



Be My Princess - Wilfred A. Spencer [Snow Princess and the Seven Princes] Event Jpn GREE

「Taking my life away, no way……」- Wilfred

Someone asked for a quick summary, but since this is a stage 3 CG, so it’s incomplete… Anyway, here goes… Will’s story started when they stumbled into another world where Monsieur Pierre is the evil Pieno, and Claude (Prince Claudon) is the prince of that fantasy world. Pieno separated Will and the MC, and threatened the MC to marry Claudon. Claudon is kind towards the MC though. During the wedding ceremony, the MC and Claudon finished exchanging vows and when the bishop announced the time for Claudon to kiss the bride, Will barged in and took the MC away, and they escaped…

Keith; Roberto; Glenn; Joshua; Edward

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