Best url: nintempo, rebloggedselfie, rinasaur

Best original posts claudiugh, englland, hotboysofficial, nicedildo

Best sidebar heckayeah, dorasfedora, unlawfully

Best theme racistsnail, macnovelpro, sovietsalad

Best icon peruvianpuffpeppper, maggiesirnpson, telernarketing

Overall winner EARTHDAD

honorable mentions fecloras, eager-evee, lamestlatina, lindseylohansmugshot, kanyewhisperer, krispymeme and dominospizzadelivery

What you win:

  1. A follow back
  2. A promo
  3. I reblog your posts! (if i see them so #foodvacuum)
  4. im good with photoshop, so if u need anything for a post, ask
  5. friendship c