claudio suarez

Lionel Messi via instagram

Cesc: “Great onesssss🔝”

Luis: “Terrible photo too bad for Pepe’s beard😂😂😂”

Sofi: “Such handsome men!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Marc: “Handsome Pepe!”

Nico: “Great one Pepe! He looks like a Hollywood actor with that beard!🎅🤔”

Pep: “Leo tell Pepe to keep his long beard until Christmas. They are looking for a Santa Claus at the Corte Ingles”

Dani: “Pepenoel is that you? 😂 😂 😂”

Claudio: “You ruined the photo Pepe 👍”


The things I learned and loved when I watched this: 

Pique should never be allowed to drive a car and almost killed people including Leo.
Busi trolls again by honking at people and closely following Pedro and Jordi.
Neymar and Rafa listening to music and giggling.
Ter Stegen’s smile is the light that breaks the darkness.
Dani will never conform to the “norms” of anything and it’s beautiful. #goodcrazy
Lucho doesn’t have to say anything and I can hear the sass screaming off of him.
I want a longer version of them playing those games.
I miss Xavi and I always will.
Xavi, Busi, and Broberto celebrating their wins.
Masche rubbing his legs and limping after a tough battle on the bikes lol.
I didn’t know I needed to see Dani on a stationary bike until I saw him on the stationary bike.
Seeing and hearing them yell whatever it is they are yelling at each other as the mini games happen.
The ship that needed to happen happened: MarcMarc, TerMarc, BarMarc, whatever. 

if fc barcelona were a stereotypical family

(according to messisaguero and babymessi)

squad grandpa: lucho
fight club leader: mascherano
dorky uncle who takes you to museums: iniesta
head of the family who looks over your grades: xavi
boozy uncle who sneaks you drinks: dani alves
squad always has to bail him out of jail: neymar
will randomly take you to disneyland: rakitic
plays pranks on the squad members: pique
turns into the hulk when someone messes with the fam: suarez
gets nervous when messi talks to him: ter stegen
mastermind behind fight club: claudio bravo
genius cousin who doesn’t realise how smart he is: messi

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honestly this is squad goals