As I pass through that narrow road, I can see you looking from the outside at your vintage home. I can see your eyes; contrite and despondent at the same time. You have been wrecked since that senior year in your high school. And you would still find yourself withered by the wind from afar the blue skies as you were caged on that old house you’re at. You can never correct a mistake with another mistake as what older people tell us. But I can never blame you for the vengeance you have laid with the path you have traversed with the people you played with. The funny thing here is that, the pitfall we have set as we avenge are the same places we’ve been trapped into. You have done and caused half an infidelity but the good thing is that you’re trying to drift from it away. You epitomized a woman who have stand past the heartaches and be the wreck itself for the rebuild of the very pieces that were once knocked and yet, has never been heart-stoned. 

     You deserve some rest, gal. Be a woman who youngsters and bambini can look up to. And I hope that the next thing that I would see on that vintage window, is a girl with glimmering light on her eyes, ready to love again and have freely set free the burden that keeps on dragging her down.