In Pride and Prejudice (or Pride & Prejudice if you will), there’s something about Charlotte Lucas.  I’m not saying she’s full on 19th century gay, but I’m saying there’s potential.  The only person she seems to have any affection for at all is Lizzie.  Upon telling Lizzie of her bummer of an engagement, she says, “Not all of us can afford to be romantic.”  Maybe Jane Austen meant because she’s – as Mrs. Bennet says –“plain”, but who’s to say she didn’t intend to plant a little gay seed there?  Also, in the Joe Wright film, when Lizzie says some typically disparaging things about men at a ball, Jane remarks, “One of these days, Lizzie, someone will catch your eye.”  To which Charlotte throws the biggest heart eyes I’ve ever seen in Lizzie’s direction.  Not sure if that was the director’s decision or the actress’s, but someone on that set thought Charlotte was gay for Lizzie.  


Countess of Trentham: Tell me, how much longer are you going to go on making films?

Ivor Novello: I suppose that rather depends on how much longer the public want to see me in them.

Countess: Yes, it must be hard to know when it’s time to throw in the towel. What a pity about that last one of yours. What was it called? The Dodger.

Ivor: The Lodger.

Countess: The Lodger. And it must be so disappointing when something just, you know, flops like that.

Ivor: Yes, it is…rather disappointing.

Screencaps by kasiopeia for grande_caps