David Tennant and Fenella Woolgar

  • Bright Young Things (2003)
  • He Knew He Was Right (2004)
  • Death of a Salesman Opening Night Party (2005)
  • Doctor Who (2008)
  • Doctor Who Confidential (2008)
  • Radio Times Covers Party (2009)
  • Spies of Warsaw (2013)

David Tennant from Doctor Who Confidential:

Fenella Woolgar as Agatha Christie was my idea!  Thank you.  I’d like to take credit for that.  Every now and again I’ll suggest… because I’ve known Fenella for years, we’ve worked together a couple of times, and I’ve always been a big fan of her.  I think it’s the only time I’ve made a suggestion that they’ve actually taken up. I’m always trying to get my mates on the show… never happens.  I’m very proud to say that Fenella was my idea.  I’m going to keep repeating it. Fenella was my idea.  Good idea, wasn’t it?  Yeah. They should listen to me more for casting suggestions.  I’m quite good at it.

“I´ve been wanting to work with Claudie Blakley for a long time. A very good theater actress as well. I always felt guilty, she is quite handsome, she´s a good-looking woman. So I felt bad about casting her as "the ugly one”, supposedly, when she´s not particularly ugly. And I promised her that I´ll cast her as “not-so-ugly” person in the future.“

(Joe Wright, Director)