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Arda Silky review

Hey guys, we just got our Silky wigs in so we thought we’d do a quick review since a lot of people are curious about the new line!  Arda silky is very different from the older classic line - it’s described on the site as smooth and soft, easy to comb, resistant to tangling, great for ready-to-wear style.  We purchased a few things during their sale - a le tigre and curly clip in garnet (maroon in classic) and a le tigre in bleach blonde (titanium in classic).  We also have a le tigre in classic, and the make of the new silky wig is very similar - same length, same amount of wefts, same super roomy wig cap.

The silky fiber is noticeably different from the classic - they definitely do detangle much easier.  Arda’s classic fiber is made of a mix of Hiperlon and Powerlon, which which gives it the matte texture and overall thickness you don’t always see with other brands.  This makes it great to style, but much harder to detangle.  Silky uses a completely different type of fiber which is a lot slicker, but as a result it appears a lot flatter and not as thick since the fibers compress against each other more.

One thing I don’t particularly like is that silky wigs are also far shinier than classic, more than I expected from watching the comparison video.  This is personally not my cup of tea because I really like the matte look of Arda classic, but if you own various Asian wigs, the shine and texture will be very similar - le tigre’s thickness, shine and weight reminds me very strongly of l’email wigs’ 40″ style.  I noticed that this shine level visually varies depending on the color and style - to me the garnet le tigre appears shinier and not as vibrant as the garnet clip or the bleach blonde le tigre.  This will also vary with the lighting and your camera.

Epic Cosplay left, Arda silky center, Arda classic right.  Both Arda wigs are in the bleach blonde-titanium sister colors.

Left photo: Epic Cosplay left, Arda classic center, Arda silky right.

Right photo: Close-up of Arda silky in Garnet and Arda classic swatch in Maroon (sister colors).

Color: Arda says that you should not expect to mix and match sister fibers, and they’re definitely right.  Swatch to swatch they’ve very close in tone, but the different fiber types and shine make it obvious that these are not the same wig.  However I do like how Arda’s color blends are still present in the silky line.  This is one of my favorite things about Arda’s line especially with their blondes and blues - the color blend gives the overall shade a little extra punch in my opinion.

Thickness: When comparing the thickness between classic le tigre and silky le tigre, the silky compresses much more and gives the appearance of being thinner even though it has the same amount of wefts.  When I grip each wig, I can close my fist much tighter around the silky wig fibers.

Silky curly clip in garnet (maroon), vs Claudia classic in ginger blonde.  Personally I think the silkys look much better in this curly, layered style.  The fiber lays sort of flat and uninteresting on the le tigres, but the curly clip looks thick and awesome.

Styling test.  Like Arda classics, the silky styles very well with heat.  Adding some texture gave it some huge volume and reduced a lot of the shine - there really is a lot of fiber in this wig even though the le tigre style lays flat when straight.  I’m unfortunately not sure how much this affects its ability to detangle vs a crimped classic.

My thoughts: Again, I am a huge Arda fan because of the classic line’s matte texture and styling ease (we easily have a dozen of their classic wigs).  The silkys are meant for a very different purpose, namely the ability to detangle their long styles without wanting to punch yourself in the face.  I am really not a fan of the shine in this line, but it looks much more attractive on their curly, layered styles - I don’t know if I’d spring for a straight wig again but the curly styles seems very useful if you need a long wig that won’t tangle.  Arda’s silkys are on super sale right now (60% off), so if you’re on the fence about this fiber line, now would be a great time to try it out.