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Out of all the vampire characters in The VC series which vampire would you say is the most dangerous most capable of taking a human's life? If I were walking home from work or from a college class at night, which vampire do I not want following me and which vampire do I not want to encounter?

Most dangerous vampire? Following/encountering you at night? 

Most of the VC vampires choose victims who are “Evildoers,” people who have committed crimes against their fellow man and seem like they will continue to do so. Examples: drug dealers, an elderly abuser, “gangsters,” serial killers.

If you’re basically an innocent person*, most VC vampires won’t be interested in killing you. They’d rather just flirt with you, take you out dancing or something, and sneak in for a Little Drink, which can let them indulge in their preference for innocent blood and let you continue living, too ;) Win-win!

*I mean, yeah, “Let he who is w/o sin cast the first stone” and all that, we all have our own share of “sins,” but if they don’t add up to Evildoer status, you’re an Innocent in VC terms.

As far as being KILLED, you can worry about: 

  • Louis, because as far as I know (at least up until PL), he doesn’t choose his victims based on guilt/innocence, he just takes whoever crosses his path when he’s out looking for dinner. The way to survive a Louis attack is to tell him about yourself; he doesn’t like to know ANYTHING about his victims. 
  • Claudia (back when she was around anyway), is a terror bc she enjoys taking innocent life. 
  • Nicolas and Antoine, I don’t know their preferences. They could go either way. 
  • Gabrielle probably doesn’t care about your guilt/innocence either, but might attack you if you were out in the wilds somewhere, maybe if you were going for the same deer that she was going for, too. She has no qualms about killing innocent people anywhere, tho. Her very first victim was innocent and she made no comment about it.  
  • Not sure about Pandora, IIRC, she ripped a heart out of a victim’s chest, I don’t think that victim was an evildoer.

I don’t know the PL or PLROA characters well enough to mention them but anyone is welcome to reblog/comment about those or any VC vampires in response to Anon’s question.

Books and Cupcakes August Photo Challenge

Day Fourteen: Back To School Reads

update on that job I applied to last week: it’s looking like I’m not gonna get it (they said they’d call me for an interview by Friday aaaaand it’s Saturday, so.), which, booo

anyway, I used my disappointment as motivation to apply to like seventy-billion other jobs

I mean, none of them are ~dream jobs~ like the tea shop would have been, but they’re all jobs I feel like I’d enjoy doing and if they hired me I’d be happy to accept

I’ve also finally investigated the whole pet care/grooming/first aid certification dealio and found that, through the miracle of groupon, I could actually take (seemingly legit) courses and get certified for like less than $100, which is significantly less than what I was expecting

I’ll need to do more research to make sure these certificates would actually improve my chances of getting hired, but I. feel good abt it? I’ve wanted to work with animals for aaages but I’m not interested in vet stuff/persuing an actual career in animal stuff–I just want to be around fluffy babies a lot–so I think these will be perfect for me

anyway yeah my job still sucks but hey I don’t feel quite so hopeless anymore!!

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Clouds, painting, pink! For the ask meme <3

hi!! thank you v much <3

clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel

even though I already answered for clouds, I always have more music recs to hand out, so here’s 5 more (these are all old stand-bys instead of new discoveries):

1. Mexico - The Staves (feels calming and sweet and gentle: “oh, carry me home on your shoulders/lower me onto my bed/show me the night that I dreamed about before”)
2. Brother, Sister - Beta Radio (I feel Moved tbh. I think it’s the strings, plus the cosmic imagery in the lyrics: “when time and space are finally parting ways/the full eclipse of earth and my near 10,000 days”)
3. No One Is Lost - Stars (makes me feel invigorated and like I’m not alone in my fear. “you’re being brave but we know that you’re afraid/put your hands up if you ever feel afraid”)
4. Kintsugi - Death Cab for Cutie (feels like home. and yes I’m cheating and including a full album, but I worry if I don’t gush abt DCfC every now and then people might start to forget that they are my One True Band. “so lean in close or lend an ear/there’s something brilliant bound to happen here”)
5. Sons and Daughters - The Decemberists (feels like a new beginning. “'til tides all pull our hull aground/making this calm harbor now home”)

painting: in what ways are you creative?

not as many as I’d like tbh. I knit and I write and I occasionally paint, but I want to do more. I want to be The Most Creative.

pink: sunsets or sunrises?

(hint: it’s sunrises)

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spencer for the character thing!!

  • First impression

Well, my first impression of Reid was way before I ever watched the show, and it was “oh, hey, a canon autistic character, nice. I should totally watch that show sometime.” And then my first impression while watching the show was “he’s so smol and nerdy and blatantly autistic and he’s only been onscreen for about a minute but I love him already.”

  • Impression now

A Good Nerd, who’s very #relatable. I love him a lot, and he’s just a really important character? The way that he’s doing a job that relies on the ability to empathise and understand people despite him obviously having atypical empathy means a lot to me.

  • Favourite moment

Pretty much any time he infodumps, especially about things that are quite clearly special interests. Whenever he talks about Halloween, for instance, or when he spouts off sci-fi trivia. The excitement on his face and in his voice that he’s getting to talk about something he loves is just Great.

  • Idea for a story

It’s not exactly a story idea, but an AU where Reid is actually diagnosed as autistic. He worries so much about his own brain, and I think a concrete diagnosis would have alleviated some of that a bit. Also: Spencer Reid, autism acceptance activist. What a missed opportunity, honestly.

  • Unpopular opinion

I’m not good at this because I never know what the popular opinions are. Hmm. I actually kind of liked his terrible season 1 hair? It was endearing.

  • Favourite relationship

I love all his relationships with the team so much. There’s no way I could pick just one. He loves his nerd family and they love him, and it makes me so happy.

  • Favourite headcanon

I’m not sure where this particular headcanon came from, but I think that Reid started wearing a tie because of Hotch. Reid was so young when he joined the FBI and he was looking for ways to be taken more seriously, and Hotch made some sort of comment about how people seem more inclined to respect a man in a tie. So Reid decided to take advantage of that. But after a day or two of wearing a tie properly, he decided that nope, he was going to make this his own, and so from then on he always wore his tie squint and with his top button undone. (Hotch was quietly both flattered and amused by the whole thing.)