claudia weissman

K theory - Possible spoilers

This is about Claudia Weismann and Neko. Then at the end Shiro and Adolph.

Claudia and Neko are actually alike in many ways. Both energetic. Also the hair. In the preview to episode 12 Neko was a lot like Claudia ─ calm. She wasn’t her energetic self. With the possibility of Shiro being the true Silver king it will all make sense. They were living a lie. Adolph K. Weissman would really be an unknown person. Well; the colourless king. And also with Claudia. Unless the apparent silver king is Isana Yashiro.

Shiro honestly looks more like the past Adolf. Yes, the Adolph now still looks the past one but his eyes show something different. In both the picture even though Shiro is frowning and Adolf is smiling their eyes express the same thing - sorrow. But the newer Adolph he has the emotion of hatred in his eyes.

If Shiro does turn out to be the Silver king and Adolph K. Weissman and Neko being Claudia I could imagine Kuroh being a king with out knowing it.