claudia lake

After some awesome feedback on Facebook, I changed some minor details to improve it a little bit! I find it’s always helpful to have someone else POV on your work, cause they might see something that you didn’t  or missed! Critiques, positives ones, are always good :D

Dopo aver avuto dei buoni feedback su Facebook, ho cambiato dei dettagliuzzi per migliorarla! Credo personalmente che è sempre d’aiuto ascoltare il punto di vista di qualcun’altro sul proprio lavoro, perché potrebbero notare qualcosa che cui non avevi fatto caso, o darti consigli che potrebbero migliorare il tuo lavoro! Le critiche, quelle costruttive, fanno sempre bene :D

‘This Season’s Hottest  Styles - on 31 of the World’s Top Male Models’ - photographer: Mark Seliger - stylist: Matthew Marden - make-up: Claudia Lake - hair: Thom Priano - set design: Rob Strauss Studio - casting: Edward Kim - production: Ruth Levy - Details Magazine September 2015

models: Adrien Sahores, Alex Lundqvist, Armando Cabral, Arthur Gosse, Arthur Kulkov, Brad Kroenig, Clark Bockelman, Clement Chabernaud, Daisuke Ueda, David Agbodji, Gabriel Aubry, Garrett Neff, Hamid Onifade, Jackson Hale, Janis Ancens, Jarrod Scott, Jason Shaw, John Halls, Jon Kortajarena, Julien Hedquist, Mark Vanderloo, Mathias Lauridsen, Nicolas Ripoll, Noah Mills, RJ King, RJ Rogenski, Sean O’Pry, Simon Nessman, Tyson Ballou,  Vincent Lacrocq, and Will Chalker.

featured designer: Calvin Klein

You just know a load of fools are gonna crawl out of the woodwork after that amazing episode complaining about Doctor Who ‘pandering to SJWs’ and being ‘too PC’, but wake up people, this is real life. 

In REAL LIFE people who are not white dudes can and do exist. And kick some serious arse. 

In REAL LIFE men of colour and deaf women and basically everyone else you can imagine do things and live their lives and are just as (if not even more so) deserving of having their stories told and being included in popular media. 

If you’re about to complain about ‘forced diversity’ or some bigoted rubbish like that, then for the love of the goddess, why are you watching Doctor Who, which is, and always should be, a show about the beauty of humanity in all forms, teaching compassion and empathy for others, and being as progressive as possible? 

A+ episode which proved that diversity actually works. Shame on anyone who thinks that people who aren’t simply white dudes being allowed to be heroes and do things is an inflammatory and ‘liberal’ ploy, instead of just being an accurate representation of the world that we live in. 

Chelsea Wolfe for BLACK SHEEP & PRODIGAL SONS by Joel W. Henderson
Art Direction, Accessory and Prop Design - Derrick Cruz; Producer - Chris Reed, Stylist - Alison Isabell; Hair & Make Up - Claudia Lake