claudia just hush

When you really think about the concept of Pharah, it’s like HOLY FUCK. Like, there’s this lady who’s practically a jet fighter that goes around shooting rockets with this big, winged suit. It’s such a wild concept but there she is, Miss Rocket Queen herself, Fareeha Amari. I love her so much.

Blizzard, we need more stuff on her.

It would actually be interesting to learn more on Volkskaya’s connections and what she has been doing behind everyone’s back. Like, I find that rather interesting, especially when she’s seen as a hero by her people and she’s off doing some questionable business with Omnics and what have you in the background.

Pros of drawing Maleficent and the Evil Queen:

  • No need to fumble with figuring out hair
  • They dressed to kill
  • You can feel the raw power emanating from your screen
  • They’re gay
  • Like, lesbian power couple goals

Cons of drawing Maleficent and the Evil Queen:

  • None
  • There are none
  • They’re perfect

Well, I just witnessed an iron fence smack the side of a car. The ropes that were holding the iron fence down snapped and made it fly into the car, breaking the side mirror.