claudia gonzalez

Is… is this… ShAdInG that I see? *le gasp*

Yes indeed. Not the greatest, but at least I tried…

As for the contest, this is part of a song(Everything I know) from the musical “In The Heights”. Bless Mandy Gonzalez.

[Background photo of Havana is not mine. I just googled it because I’m lazy af]

[Also I think Claudia might be a bit too old in the photo, but apparently I forgot how time should work while I was working on this thing. Oopsie]

Cisbent Magnificent Seven

1) Viola Davis as Sam Chisholm 

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2) Natalie Portman as Joshua Faraday 

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3) Winona Ryder as Goodnight Robicheaux 

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4) Jane Lynch as Jack Horne 

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5) Claudia Kim as Billy Rocks 

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6) Eiza Gonzalez as Vasquez 

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7) Julia Jones as Red Harvest 

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