claudia brown

musical characters who didn't deserve to die in no particular order

add your own, DON’T BASH OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, and no historical characters/characters based off of real people (ex. characters of Hamilton) bc the musical doesn’t get the full story

• angel dumont-schunard
• fantine
• abuela claudia
• kim
• whizzer brown
• moritz stiefel
• wendla bergmann

zoe is king cobra?!?!?! bitch im…………shook. 

im mad i didn’t even see the signs, her getting closer to ash was all just a distraction to eliminate her as a suspect. and plus, everyone thought it would be a guy too bye. i really thought she was just getting closer to ash to sabotage his and elisia’s relationship.

and the last few mins……..the tv at the jail getting disrupted displaying king cobra shit to brandon to let him know he’s fucked. that reminded me of mtv scream, with kieran in jail……….brandon’s a pawn and a scapegoat. 

and don’t even get me started on the cult scene sjisnskjanjs my chest i knew shit was going down