claudia and todd


Goodbye Warehouse 13: 1/3 OTPs

Claudia and Todd

Claudia: Say it again please… for me

Todd: My preferred method of hacking it to use an integrated secure tool kit, applied to a safe type concurrent algorithm, derived from an active binary work cluster, embedded in a synchronized meta-level high speed architecture 

Claudia: I love it when you talk tech.


Not my video.

It’s from Warehouse 13, and Nolan was only in it for 4 episodes but Todd is one of my favourite roles he’s played.

Little lovey video between Todd and Claudia <3


Excuse me while i have Todd and Claudia feels (Clodd? Toudia?)


Okay, I’m really starting to like Warehouse 13. The first season was kind of eh…but season 2 is a lot better, and I’ve already seen the last couple of eps from season 3 and the first of season 4 so I know it only gets better.

Also, I officially love Todd…now that I know he’s not a meanie…too bad he has to leave town :((((((

Shipping Quiz

Pick your top 10 ships without reading the questions below? (In random order.)

  1. Rose and Ten (Doctor Who)
  2. Luna and Neville (Harry Potter)
  3. Bering and Wells (Warehouse 13)
  4. Amanda and Nolan (Defiance)
  5. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
  6. Claudia and Todd (Warehouse 13)
  7. Graham and Emma (Once Upon a Time)
  8. Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)
  9. Prue and Andy (Charmed)
  10. Jo and  Zane (Eureka)


1. Do you remember when you first started shipping 6?

When Claude first came into the shop and acted like he’s some kind of Alien :) so cute!

2. Have you ever read fanfic about 2?

No, but I don’t mind.

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile pic/Tumblr avatar?


4. If 7 were to suddenly break up, what would your reaction be?

… Well, lets talk about how dead Graham is …

5. Why Is 1 so important? 

I’just cryied about an hour over them even though I’m so new to that Fandom.

6. Is 9 a funny or serious ship?

serious …

7. Out of all your ships, which has the most chemistry?

I was going to say Bering and Wells, but now i have to say … Rose and Ten

8. Out of all the ships, which has the strongest bond?

I think its Prue and Andy and Rose and Ten

9. How many times have you watched 10’s fandom?

Not very often, but I should :)

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?

I shipped Ron and Hermione the longest about 15 Years now … Chuck and Blair lasted the Longest (I have to many ‘not even close to canon’ otps

11. How many times, if ever has 6 broken up?

twice .. hope the second time was not for ever!!!

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which would make it out alive, 2 or 8?

Why two Potter ships? That’s not fair! No!

13. Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?

kind of I guess … It has sadly never been a real relationship.

14. Is 10 canon?

I’m not done with Eureka jet, but I dare them to be!

15. If all 10 ships were put into the Hunger Games, which would make it out alive?

Let’s pretend there is no magic allowed ;) i juess it’ll be eighter Bering and Wells or Amanda and Nolan.

16. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage ship 5?

I would not start to count the times they’ve been sabotaged ;)

17. Which ships would you defend to death and beyond?

1, 3, 5, 6, 8

18. Do you spend hours going through 3’s Tumblr page?

YES, … and it’s not because I love the angst and pain ;)