Sherlock + Children


Claudette, 2014, Hotel Potocki, Paris. 

by Charlotte Abramow

Claudette is 74 but she has a 6-year-old child’s soul. Her youth and her joy of living taught me that beauty was timeless. I wanted to show a naked body as it is, a naked body we don’t usually see. The body is only a shell - you’ll be beautiful forever as long as you will be happy. Thank you Claudette for making me understand that.

This is Claudette from the Anime Queen’s Blade!

What I love most about the Claudette character is that she is strong, fierce and sexy.

Claudette from Queen’s Blade

Photo By:   AnimazeGuy-photosNXS
Costume by me and
Sword by: Dave Collins

*If you think the top is small, please look at the reference image.

We actually made the top larger so that it covers more while still looking like the reference art. It’s supposed to have under and side boob.

Build thread and additional photos are here: