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Can I have headcanons for Sebastian, Ciel, Alois and Claude of how they react when their supposedly diabolical and stoic s/o is suddenly cute and affectionate towards them? Thank you :) <3


  • “I see - are you still the same person?”
  • Quite surprised as to how this happened and what brought this on, but won’t question it too much and enjoys it
  • tries to bring out your cute pouting face by teasing you and then gives you a kiss on the nose
  • smiles softly as he watches you latch onto him


  • “ey babe wyd”
  • he’s quite confused why you would be doing smth like that but lets you do it, he thinks its nice to be treated with love
  • gets stiff when you hug him in public though, he doesn’t like pda
  • annoys you more then actually teasing you so when you get mad he actually laughs


  • “yes all the affection”
  • he’s enjoying himself and is not hiding it
  • tells you to do it more often with a nose boop
  • latches onto you and you latch onto him, you’re not letting go of eachother anytime soon


  • “?????”
  • you broke him
  • probably the most confused of them all, he doesn’t see your reason for affection, he likes it, but where is this coming from?? he doesn’t get it???
  • succumbs and lets you do what you want and pays no mind to it
Can I just say...

You guys, not gonna lie, I’m a decent amount disappointed with a number of you. Yana puts her heart and soul into her work and just because this theory was confirmed, you start leaving her?

That is a ridiculous concept to me. It’s okay to not like the idea of it but seriously, guys, trust in Yana that she has big plans for this. Don’t set Black Butler aside because this makes you uncomfortable, that’s what she’s TRYING to do. She wants to make us uncomfortable so the manga can take a turn.

This is hardly cliché. People are saying it is but let’s be honest. Yana executed the setup brilliantly. Hints as far back as the CIRCUS arc. She’s planned this for a while. And with how Black Butler has gone so far, this is a truly interesting turn. She constantly reminds us “Once something is truly lost, one can never get it back again.” Which is blown away by this new concept and that’s what she’s TRYING to do. Make it shocking because something that was so solid in the series, in real life, is blown out of the water. It’s supposed to distort us. It’s supposed to have us on edge.

You guys who are leaving the series behind because of this turn… You really didn’t have that much faith in the series to begin with, did you. You need to trust in Yana that she will take this to a most interesting length. Not only that but this has felt like such an important step in the series that there’s not a doubt in my mind that this will take our characters another step towards exacting Ciel’s revenge. And that’s exciting to begin with.

I’ve been hearing a lot from Japanese fans saying how ridiculous westerners have been taking this. And I couldn’t agree more, you guys. You have unrealistic expectations for a series that it always has to be satisfying, always has to fit your ideals. But that is never true. Yana took a leap with this one because she has plans. Because she knows what she’s doing. Because it’s HER series and not yours. This twist has opened so many doors that I don’t think all of you are thinking about. It has so much potential to be a true challenge to our young Earl who normally sits on top, always one step ahead with Sebastian by his side. This has put our boy in a completely different spot. Wait to see how this turns out. Wait to see where Yana takes this. Wait to see where Ciel ends up next.

Trust in Yana.

Things I want kuroshitsuji characters to know
  • Ciel: love can melt the coldest hearts and revenge is worthless
  • Sebastian: the bad ones aren't always the worse
  • Alois: it's not easy to be alone, but it's better for setting your mind
  • Undertaker: we are all weird in our own way
  • Elizabeth: Even the ones who resemble to be the weakest can be the strongest
  • Claude: you know how to go to hell, no? Then go. And never come back. Piece of shit.