claude the cat

Sebastian and his relationships
  • Grell: Ohh Bassy have my children *sex noise*
  • Sebastian: no
  • Claude: *touches Sebastian*
  • Sebastian: no
  • Mey-rin: Sebastian! *falls on him* 'by accident' but we all know she does it on purpose
  • Sebastian: no
  • Cat: *meow*
  • Sebastian: yes baby
The Bigger Universe

A couple nights ago, I left a comment on the unlisted Miraculous Ladybug video on Thomas Astruc’s Youtube. It was asking about the Quantic Universe and the picture with the teens at the cafe. The guy in blue and the girl are probably supposed to be the characters from the slot machine.

(The Picture, there wasn’t a better quality.)

Here is the comment and the response:

So, originally this picture was to sell the idea to broadcasters but it didn’t, so the idea of a team was scraped and Ladybug became her own thing with Cat.

But the Quantic Universe is the universe where Ladybug is but we only see a small part of it. If the series is successful, which it probably will be, we could see more of said universe and potentially these teens.

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Funny thing about demons like Claude and Sebastian

Claude is the “spider” demon. He is quite fond of birds. He rides (as a spider) on crows. Canaries land all over him while he tats that lace shawl. Birds are so fond of him that they literally flock to him.

Sebastian is a “crow” (or crow and dog) demon. He dislikes dogs but loves cats. Cats don’t seem to go running to him (maybe cats are too aloof for that), but they love his attention when he approaches them, and there is a black cat outside the manor who waits in a garden for him. In ch.111 we even have a cat sort of talking to him….

Here’s the funny thing, and I’ve been getting a good laugh about it for quite some time now, even way before ch.111:

What kind of animal usually preys on spiders? Birds, most often….

What kind of animal usually preys on birds? Cats, stereotypically.

Then we have the “spider” demon getting killed, in rather grand fashion, by the “crow” demon.

So, demons seem to be attracted to the things that one would expect to be a natural predator of their demonic animal forms?!?!

Something that takes the form of a spider loves something else that can kill/eat spiders?

Something that essentially takes the form of a bird loves something else that can kill/eat birds??

Yana-san, is this a joke? It’s DAMN funny.

I think even the Undertaker might find this amusing….