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Anon asked: My friend, I liked the Alois one shot thing very much thank you! I was wondering if you could maybe do general relationship headcanons for Claude Faustus? Thank you!

I’m glad you liked it anon dear!~ Of course I can, here, have some tsundere butler! I lowkey have a weakness for Claude though, like for real.

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  • Total Tsundere when the relationship starts out, like 100%
  • Starts to open up more when he sees vile men trying to make a move on you when you both are out and about in town.
  • Tries to keep you away from Alois as much as he can. 
  • Deeply does care about you which confuses him greatly, but he just can’t help this foreign feeling.
  • Holds you close to him only when you’re asleep so he doesn’t have to hear your constant teasing about it.
  • Seeing you asleep helps him calm down.
  • Takes you on daily walks around the garden where he prepares lunch for the both of you.
  • Insists on changing your clothes each day even though you don’t need the assistance.
  • Likes to make you blush any chance he gets.
  • Sometimes it’s sly touches as he passes by, but most of the time it’s the filthy words he whispers to you when he gets the chance.

They finally started tearing down Cinedome 8 in Fremont.

At least we have Claude’s masterpiece to remember it by…