claude auchinleck

First Battle of El Alamein

27 July 1942

The First Battle of El Alamein concluded in a tactical stalemate on this day in British history, 27 July 1942. German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel led the Afrika Korps in a bid to gain power in Egypt and northern Africa. The Allied forces, mainly led by British General Claude Auchinleck, were able to repel the Nazis after a second battle.

Rommel, The Unnameable Marshal

The German military was one of the most brilliant strategists during World War II. At the beginning of the war, he chained one victory after another and eventually became a nightmare for the British. Therefore, the commander of British forces in Africa, General Claude Auchinleck, sent a pathetic order his officers: “There is a danger that Rommel for our men become a kind of magician or invincible warrior. Even if he was a gifted, it would be undesirable for our soldiers attributed supernatural powers. I want to banish by all means the idea that Rommel is more than a German general. From now on, we refer to it as the enemy without ever mentioning his name. "In the end, it is never mentioned was that of Auchinleck’s own, soon after, was replaced by Montgomery.