Claude Joseph Bail - Still Life by Irina

Claude Joseph Bail. French painter born 1862- died 1921. Also known as: Joseph Bail, Joseph Bail. Nationality: French.


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Upon hearing the news, Sebastian would be in denial. There’s no way he’d be so careless, and even if he had offspring, how could they have tracked him down? Well, given his latest reputation as the Phantomhive butler of course he’d gain some infamy. Either way, Sebastian needs to see proof. When that finally happens Sebastian merely stares at his ‘daughter’. His cold eyes are calculating and heartless. He examines the youth before him and discerns for any similarities of his own complexion. Her hair is dark and straight, but her eyes are bright like her mother’s. It’s evident the parallels between the two and Sebastian would need some time to process. He may slink off and leave her in the care of the other servants. In the shadows, however, Sebastian observes his offspring. Unknowingly he searches for a paternal connection, wondering if a creature like himself is capable of such love. He’s both fascinated and wary of her. Much like himself she’s quick witted and clever, yet at the same time thoughtful and kind. As the days go by, Sebastian would warm up to her and may even treat her like his child. Of course, he’s utterly clueless how to handle a teenage girl and will slip up along the way. There are bound to be awkward moments, but a few tender ones as well as they become acquainted. 

The demon’s daughter would have some insight to handle her father. Her mother knew of his antics and told her what the man is like. She knows he isn’t a good person (literally a demon) and will be on guard. But, she will also try and meet Sebastian halfway as they learn more about each other. They may never compensate for lost time, but will understand one another like no one else has or will.


  • Sebastian is bound to be protective of his daughter. He knows she’s attractive (she’s his daughter after all) and is very watchful of those she interacts with.
  • As he grows more comfortable with her, he’ll start dressing her like a true lady. She needs to dress the part if she’s going to be around. This may earn a few groans.
  • His daughter is bound to correct him on how to parent (and how to act like he even has a heart). She may even protest how he treats Ciel.
  • Ciel will insist that Sebastian makes an effort to parent her. (Maybe that’s due to his own loss)
  • He’s hospitable to her and is fine with her living in the manor.
  • Ciel wouldn’t interact with her as much and is worried she could become a burden. Is she a weakness for Sebastian? Will she distract him? Can he use her? Is she bound to develop supernatural powers? Only time will tell.
  • He may tease Sebastian about not taking care of loose ends.


Living things procreate, it’s simply part of life. Claude treats his daughter no differently. After seeing her piercing eyes, accompanied by her own set of glasses, Claude has no doubt the teenager before him is his offspring—he simply doesn’t care. She can fend for herself given it’s his blood flowing through her veins. The butler will dismiss the young girl as if she were an unwanted visitor. Of course, Alois has questions as to who that was at the door. Upon discovering that woman was none other than Claude’s daughter, Alois develops a mix of emotions. The blond is a bit jealous someone so extraordinary would exist to Claude. Children are important to their parents, right? Does that mean his butler will show devotion to her in ways he can’t compete with? But, why did Claude turn her away? Why did he abandon her like those forsaken villagers abandoned him? He won’t stand for it and insists that she be allowed into their estate. Claude is hesitant, but can’t do much to protest his master’s wishes.

Life goes on in the manor, but Claude practically avoids his daughter at any given opportunity. He doesn’t understand why, but something about her is unnerving. It’s as if, there’s another, smaller version of himself. He can see all too clearly how her defined features match his own likeness. Not only that, but she seems to have a fondness for wildlife and a knack for crocheting. It nearly sends shivers down his spine. Is this what it’s like to be a parent? How do humans manage this strange sensation of both fascination and horror? Is it strange he wants to talk to her, even know her? So preoccupied with his thoughts, Claude unknowingly gives his daughter the room to initiate conversations. She’s shy at first, asking simple things about his personality (if he even has one). It’s simple small talk, but as the two converse more, the harder it is for Claude to deny the familial connection he has to her. Eventually the two develop an understanding of one another with an unspoken bond.


  • As they grow closer, Claude might ask things about her mother. What happened to her and is she alright? Can she come here, he can’t be the only one responsible for their daughter. He doesn’t know how to parent.
  • In an attempt to be intimate, Claude may awkwardly pat his daughter on the head. He’s expressionless as his gloved hand makes contact with her dark head of hair. No words are exchanged.
  • Claude would want to provide whatever his daughter needs. Although, he’s careful not to spoil her. Admittedly, doing so is difficult upon seeing her soft smile when she gets a new book or dress.
  • Claude tries to be a strict parent but can waver at puppy eyes.
  • Claude’s daughter would be friendly toward Alois. She can pick up on his insecurity and often talks about how she grew up without a father. Alois is quick to brag how Claude takes care of him. It’s simply to get a rise out of the girl.
  • The young woman has yet to fall for the blond’s jeers but might scream into her pillow at night. She doesn’t want to give in, but Alois can be such a headache.

There are those humans who fall so far into the pits of despair they take their own lives. Any mortal who commits suicide is doomed to serve for their crimes by reviewing and retrieving the souls of the dead. These divine beings are known as reapers.


Such information would come as a bit of a shock for the talented reaper. Part of a reaper’s job is to ignore the affairs of humans and simply collect their souls. By extension, can he not approach his daughter and possibly make amends? He would sit with the idea of breaking rules or possibly bending them. Given such events would take place long before Ciel’s time, Undertaker would still feel restricted by these regulations and watch from afar. At least, he tells himself it’s part of complying with his newfound job. The painful truth he has a daughter is an ache Undertaker lives with until she dies. He longs to be a part of her life like any father would and regrets committing suicide. How could he have been so short-sighted and not seen a possible future with a lovely teenage daughter? Perhaps that’s why reapers require spectacles—a reminder of their poorly thought out plan. Undertaker would mull over such thoughts and continue to watch his daughter from a distance. His daughter would be oblivious to the stranger keeping tabs on her life and all its endeavors. Although, she may unknowingly feel his presence.

During times of trial in her life, Undertaker may step in. A treat or gift may inexplicably turn up and lighten her mood. Such actions leave his daughter dumbfounded and constantly wondering just who or what is trying to communicate with her. She may have been scared at first, but as the occurrence becomes more and more frequent, she’s grateful for this force of good in her life. It’s bittersweet never knowing who’s looking out for her, but she may whisper a word of thanks to the passing wind.


  • Over time Undertaker would question the Grim Reaper Dispatch. Why must they be so cruel and work them like dogs? What’s the point of their eternal life if they can’t enjoy it? These thoughts may have helped shape the Undertaker we know today.
  • Regardless, he still watches his daughter and silently roots for her success.
  • While it may sound silly, his daughter may tell herself she has a guardian angel protecting her. In her youth she may offhandedly mention this to her mother. Her parent may not say much, but she wonders if such a force is her deceased lover watching over their child.
  • Eventually Headquarters may notice Undertaker’s influence on these mortals. While he may not be openly interacting with them, he’s certainly given a warning.
  • As time passes, Undertaker watches his daughter grow old while he remains youthful. No parent should outlive their child.
  • When the time comes, part of Undertaker’s penance is to review and retrieve his daughter’s soul. She dies of old age and of course isn’t deemed worthy of revival. Undertaker may trace the outline of her cold cheek before she passes. She thinks it’s her guardian angel saying goodbye.


The redhead isn’t shaken knowing she has a daughter. Grell always knew she’d bring beauty into this world, and her daughter is certainly part of that. However, there’s no point in mourning what could’ve been. While it’s unfortunate Grell missed an opportunity to be a parent, she figures her involvement wasn’t meant to be. Although, Grell can’t help but wonder just what her daughter looks like and how she handles her life. She may check in on her daughter every so often. Grell is pleased to see that not only has she inherited her rouge hair, but also her fiery personality. She’s quick to see that her daughter carries herself with confidence and isn’t afraid to show her passion. In her teenage years she may even be rebellious and question the rules containing women. In her heart, and from stories told by her mother, Grell’s daughter knows her deceased parent could be as defiant as she is. It may get her into trouble, but trials such as those are part of life. Grell is proud of her daughter and believes she can take care of herself.


  • Grell may scream on the sidelines as she checks in on her daughter. While she may want the best for her child, sometimes it’s frustrating to see her make mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided.
  • Grell may even bring some snacks as she watches her daughter deal with teenage romance. If she’s Grell’s daughter, she’s sure to catch the eyes of many.
  • To some extent Grell misses her former lover. She was one of the few who accepted Grell in her entirety. Grell hopes her daughter can be as open minded as she was.
  • As her daughter begins to age, Grell slowly stops visiting her. By now she’s sure her daughter can handle life and there isn’t much to watch.


The blond is at a loss. Sure during his time as a human he was rather popular (and he still currently is), but to think he’d have a daughter? Ronald is thrown into a panic. He’s pouring over rules and if he can even speak to his daughter or be a part of her life. Well, does he really want to be a full-blown father? Is he even ready for something like that? So hung up on self-imposed pressure, Ronald wouldn’t notice as a reaper he can’t interact with his child. Instead, he’d be reading up on what it means to be a good parent. He’s certainly not ready for this. Eventually, someone breaks the news to him that he isn’t allowed to properly parent his daughter. It’s both painful and somehow relieving knowing he can’t be with her. If he committed suicide in the first place, who’s to say he’d be a good father? He quietly harbors guilt for leaving his daughter behind and being selfish in his actions. He may be driven to a point where he can’t even go and face his daughter. While he can’t affect her life, there’s nothing stopping him from watching. Caught in a dilemma, time would continue to move for Ronald as he works on being a good reaper.

But, with a pep talk with a reaper who has been through the same, Ronald would muster up the courage to confront his former life. He just needs to know what she looks like and what kind of person she is. When he finally does so, he’s happy to see she’s dedicated to her job and content with her life.


  • Ronald could very easily get on people’s nerves as he panics. During initial shock it’d be hard to get the blond to pipe down with his questions and concerns.
  • When the Grim Reaper Dispatch finally breaks the news to him he can’t be a dad, Ronald bombards them with inquiries to try and find any loopholes. When he can’t, he feels rather defeated.
  • His daughter may always be at the back of his mind when he flirts with other woman. This was how he got into his current situation to begin with. 
  • When Ronald finally faces his daughter, he’d wait around and pace for hours. He knows she’s right in that building, but what if she’s miserable and it’s his fault?
  • Eventually, having managed to calm himself down, Ronald would take a tentative peek inside. When he catches a glimpse of her playful smile, relief washes over him.


To most, William would seem heartless. Such an assumption would make sense given the reaper’s immediate disregard for the news. William claims that there’s nothing he can do now and there’s no point in crying over spilt milk. He doesn’t have the time nor the reason to linger on the past as it only prevents him from carrying out his duty as a grim reaper. But, there is some speculation among his peers that William works so hard in order to repay his crimes. Not much is known about those reapers who successfully compensate for their self inflicted deaths. But, it is thought that they may return to their former lives or ascend to heaven. Perhaps William hopes to rejoin those he left behind? And, by further assumption, his daughter? It’s hard to correctly guess given William’s stoic nature with little room for personal indulgence.

Some would revere William for his ethic, others may regard him as a monster. Either way, the man is given credit for his determination whatever his motivations may be. There’s no doubting his effectiveness, but one must question at what cost does it come at?


  • During his first few years as a reaper, William may have sneaked off to see his child. He wasn’t as diligent then and succumbed to his curiosity.
  • While it may have been brief, he smiled at the sight of his daughter. She had been reading a popular book at the time and appeared to enjoy her life.
  • William knew that if he allowed these visits to become a regular occurrence, he’d never get work done. While it was painful, he knew it was for the best to continue on with his own life.
  • Like most reapers, William regrets his choices and keeps the few memories he has of his daughter close to his heart.