Can't Look at the Stars | Sienna & Zander

It had been about three hours since she got the call and received the letter. Three hours of her sitting on her couch curled up and avoiding all calls or texts. Three hours of her feeling nothing but pain. She considered what she wanted to do. What would make her feel better? Alcohol was the first thing but she couldn’t get herself to move to get it. When she had stopped crying, her body refused to move and she sat still on the couch for another two hours. When she did move the brunette barely looked at the time or the mirror; her makeup smudged and barely even visible anymore. The circles under her eyes were red and puffy mixed with the blackness of her eyeliner. Nothing was uttered as she exited her apartment and down to her car. The night was slightly chilling from the storm that was slowly approaching their area but her bare arms paid no attention to it. 

The drive was automatic and quick and one she had taken plenty of times over the past few months. She had sat in the car for more than five minutes when she arrived before finally moving to knock on the door. It was when the wind hit her and she felt a slight chill on her cheek that she realized she was crying again. But the sobs weren’t threatening yet. Just her pain filtering through as she waited for someone to open up. She prayed it was Zander and not anyone else. 

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