AU –  Clato meeting at the Combat Academy 

“I’ve been watching you for a while, throwing knives. And I must say you’re quite good for your age.”

“I guess you’re quite good yourself. Cato, right? It’s funny to see how you intimidate the masters with your sword skills. They fear you might stab them once you’re completely in your element. I just kind of noticed that.”

“Well, perhaps we should just become partners then, letting some heads roll.”

“Hmh. Sounds good.”

I’m still really freaking pissed about how Gary Ross didn’t include the part where Cato is kneeling next to Clove, begging her to stay with him. That, to me, was one of the most important parts of the books. It shows that Cato isn’t shallow, cocky, and heartless like everyone thinks he is. He has feelings too. He’s a human being. It shows that even the strongest of people can be brought down to shreds, and everyone has a point where they’ll eventually break down. It shows that Cato actually cared about someone. Although we will never know if Cato and Clove we’re seriously in a relationship, (a girl can dream), it is obvious they cared for each other. In my opinion, the movie won’t be complete until that scene is included. I will never forgive Gary Ross for excluding one of the most major events in a characters development.

Clato Fanfics: My Recommendations

I write a shit ton of Clato fan fiction, and it’s safe to say that for the better part of two years, I’ve read a shit ton of Clato fan fiction as well. I figured I’d take a quick moment to give a shout out to the best Clato I’ve read over the last twenty-four months.

Yet Death We Fear by Estoma

This is more Cato centric than anything else, but there’s a definite undertone of Clato woven throughout. Make no mistake: with this fic, you’re reading about Cato and Clove as careers. They’re dark and bloodthirsty and the furthest thing from lovey-dovey. But in typical Estoma fashion (check out all of her stuff, she’s wonderful), she keeps our duo perfectly in character, and gives them just the right amount of depth and vulnerability.

The Blood of the Beast by Paper Space

This is second only to Ellenka's Pretty Dresses as my all-time favorite fanfic.  It’s a slow burn and it is frustratingly unfinished, so be forewarned: you’re in it for the long haul with this fic. It hasn’t seen an update in over a year and half. But, God, is it just a masterpiece. Paper Space really makes you feel the emotion behind these characters, and she portrays Cato and Clove in such a dark, crazy, graphic, bloodthirsty light that you can’t take your eyes away from the page, even when you might want to. It’s long, but it’s an absolute must read.

Only For a Moment by Fuhrmanizer

Fuhrmanizer has a plethora of Clato on her profile, and I can recommend pretty much all of it (check out Hunger Games Social Network if you want a good laugh), but this one-shot is probably my favorite. You see a different side of Cato and Clove in this piece; they’re still Careers, and they’re still highly antagonistic people, but they’re also teenagers. She shows a more human side to Cato and Clove. It borders on fluffy, but Fuhrmanizer writes it in a way that’s completely in character. Read this if you want something that will fulfill your shipper heart, without being too graphic/dark. (Also, Fuhrmanizer is an absolutely hysterical writer. And how often do we see humor in Clato fanfics, eh?)

Tell Me A Story by The Girl on Fiendfyre

I have one word to describe this fic, and it's addictive. It’s a High School AU, and as far as those types of AUs go, it’s one of the best that I’ve ever read. Cato and Clove aren’t spectacularly in character or anything, but the convoluted plot makes up for this. If you’re looking for a Gossip-girl-esque, Cato/Glimmer/Clove love triangle, this fic is perfect.

Bedroom Hymns by Ninazadzia (aka yours truly)

C'mon, I’m allowed to do at least some shameless plugging, now aren’t I? Lawl don’t worry, I’m not going to toot my own horn or anything (“omgizzles mah fic is da SHIT!!!!1!!!111eleven!!!”). All I can say is that you’re if you’re in the mood for some graphic-but-not-grody smut, this one-shot is a pretty safe bet.

Alright, that just about wraps this up! Let me know if you all have any recommendations, what you think of these fics, or if you want me to read any of yours!

(If you wind up checking these babies out–which I highly suggest that you do–make sure you say that Nina sent you :D)



So, I was over at my friends house and we were watching The Hunger Games. You know the scene where Rue takes Cato’s sword? Well I was looking at the weapon Rue had in her hand, and it looked nothing like a sword. To me, it looked a lot like one of Clove’s knives. I mean come on, look how short the handle and blade are. I think that’s why they showed Clove with like a little smirk on her face. Maybe Cato promised her that he’ll get back her knife. I don’t know, maybe I’m just over-thinking things. But this Clato moment was too cute to overlook(:

these are little boys and little girls
who have only known alliances in the pretence of friendships,
playing kings and queens,
each has taken their turn under the guillotine.

it’s a game of musical chairs that
has lasted over ten years,
and they are all telling themselves
that they are sitting on thrones,
they wear these blindfolds like crowns.
they clutch their knives like sceptres.

they are all capital darlings to be,
they are all born killers,
no angel ever landed in district two.

—  ( remember how she screamed his name,
clove was never supposed to die this way. )