• Nick: You have sort of been on the show. There was the night of the Brit Awards.
  • Harry: No.
  • Nick: Yeeeees. Where we thought it'd be a good idea to go straight from the Brits to do the radio.
  • Harry: I'd say I was on the radio, but I wasn't switched on.
  • Nick: Cause we basically went to some party, it was like 6am and I had to go to do the radio.
  • Harry: You said you would stay out if we all came.
  • Nick: That's true. Which is often my bargain.
  • Harry: How often do people bail to do the radio?
  • Nick: All the time. I don't do it anymore. It was a novelty. Cause I was so excited about having this job I thought 'Fire me! Whatever!' But now I am a serious broadcaster.
  • Harry: You're an adult now.
  • Nick: Yeah. But I remember when we came in. It was me, you, our friend Emily, our friend Jaime, you friend Cal - well, our friend Cal, a Robbie Williams cardboard cutout...
  • Harry: I don't know where we got it.
  • Nick: And a bejeweled bottle of vodka that said 'Grimmy'. So it was a classy night. When we came in, there was no one here. There was no producer Finchy, no producer Fifi.
  • Harry: Tina Daheley was here. And as we came in she was like 'Oh goood'. She looked at us when we came in and we were like 'WHEEEYYY!!!!' And she was like 'Oh jeez'.
  • Nick: Yeah, we were like 'TIIINAAA. NEWS JUST IN - WE HAD A MAD ONE, WHEEEYYYY!!!!' Did you get in trouble for that? Cause I didn't but Fifi did. Fifi, what time did you get in?
  • Fifi: I was here, but I fell asleep in the office.
  • Nick: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
  • Harry: Oh yeah, you weren't on time.
  • Nick: She got here at about 7:45 and we came on air at 6:30. And then she fell asleep on the floor in here and big boss Ben busted her, and she got in trouble.
  • Harry: Oh, yeah yeah yeah.
  • Nick: Did YOU get in trouble?
  • Harry: Ummmmmmmmmm, a little bit. I think it was more like 'Oh, I saw you on Grimmy's show.' I was like 'Yeeeaaaah' And they were like 'You didn't sound very good, did you?'
  • Nick: 'Well, I just thought I'd do extra promo! Helping you guys out! Shift a few copies!'
  • Harry: Socializing.
  • Nick: Yeah. Can't do that now.
Hufflepuff Headcanon #14

Every year after final exams are over, all the hufflepuffs gather in the common room for a classy drinking night. The night starts out with hufflepuffs sipping wine (red! white! rosé!!), chatting with each other, and finally relaxing after a tense couple of weeks. 

Around 11 pm though, the chattering slowly escalates from Classy™ to Slightly Less Classy™. Someone has changed the classical music to a more fun playlist of throwback songs and some people have pushed chairs to the side and created a dance floor.

By 12, classiness has gone OUT THE WINDOW and someone has broken out the firewhiskey and butterbeer (for the lighter drinkers or those who just can’t take the burn of the firewhiskey). Someone has cast a spell so teachers can’t hear their little drinking party from outside. The music is thumping and the house dog is running around, trying to lick everyone, excited by the dancing and laughing and singing. The hufflepuff common room is utter chaos, but it’s a good chaos because all students can think about is not having to pull all nighters to study for the next two months!

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13 and 27 ;) + nalu...oh boi

13. 7 minutes in heaven + 27. go commando

Sod’s law always came knocking at her door. They were supposed to go clubbing tonight, instead, they were crashing around Erza’s. And Erza was drunk, meaning the evil dominatrix cometh. Adding to the situation, Jellal and his posse had arrived – with cases of beer. A classy night out turned into a typical student house party. Music, beer, and embarrassing drinking games.  

Her pain didn’t stop there.

Natsu arrived with Jellal, closely followed by his best friend Gray (to Juvia’s delight). At the start of her second year she decided she needed to keep on top of the beer weight, multiple nights out had consequences past a bad hangover. At the fresher’s fair, she spotted a mop of pink locks among the throng of students. On closer inspection, she found the man was delicious, a meal she would happily partake in any night. He was manning the MMA society stand.  

Lucy may have joined a testosterone filled society that day because she fancied the pants off their events manager. Arriving at the gym she was right in her assumption of it being male dominated, however, the president was the one and only Erza Scarlet.  So rather than convincing Natsu to teach her, Lucy found herself taken under the wing of “Titania”.

The good side to this, she’s now fitter than ever (Erza’s brutal training regime made sure of that).

The bad side, she was no closer to getting laid.

Settling for stealing glances of her crush practising across the gym, Lucy looked forward to socials. It was socials that gave her a chance sink her claws in. If she had the guts to maintain a prolonged conversation.  Today was the day. Lucy Heartfilia would make a move on Natsu “fuck me now” Dragneel. Not that she would ever say that to his face.

Getting back to her pain, two hours had passed into the evening. Teetering on the verge of tipsy and wasted, Erza demanded they play spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven. As luck would have it, the spinning bottle landed on a certain pinkette.  Hearing the door click, she jumped into action. If she waited her brain would start thinking instead of her vagina, that wouldn’t do. No, she wanted him.

“It’s okay Lucy. We don’t have too.” Swivelling in the direction of his voice, reaching blind to find his position in space. Feeling her fingertips contacting his warm body she flattened her hands. Toned perfection under her palm felt divine, she could hear taking a sharp inhale. Trailing curious fingertips over his obliques, she pressed herself flush against his body.

Seven minutes is all she had to make the most of this man. Craning her head, feeling her nose hit his underjaw, soft skin and teasing bristles giving it away. Lucy placing gentle open kisses, allowed her tongue to play occasionally. Natsu went stock still, his lack of participation niggled at her mind. She didn’t think of the possibility of him not wanting her. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

“Natsu.” A purr against his jaw, sober Lucy would be embarrassed at the needy whine.

“Lucy, you…“ He didn’t finish. Instead, she found herself backed up against the wall. Strong hands now gripping her thighs squeezed, getting the hint she jumped wrapping them around his waist. She gasped. Desire and embarrassment shooting through her simultaneously. Wearing a little black dress, underwear wasn’t part of her outfit. A necessary sacrifice for no panty lines. It had to be the day she finally made out with Natsu.

Hot lips found her own, pecking at the corner of her mouth. She captured his top lip between her teeth, giving it a quick suck. Natsu groaned, running his tongue over her teeth pressing her further into the wall. Lucy let a strangled yelp, feeling his hips push into her bare core. Instinctually grinding back, her hands dug into silky pink locks.

Their kiss deepened, Natsu rumbling into her mouth exploring her cavern, his tongue dragging across the roof. He responded to her push with a dirty grind of his hips. Lucy couldn’t help the keening moan leaving her lips, feeling the rough texture of his jeans stimulating her so beautifully.

Her eyes shot open as she felt his hand travel under her dress, calloused hands teasing her skin. Lucy anticipation skyrocketed when he reached higher. Breaking the kiss, his hand massaging her hip.

“Are you…going commando?”

The incredulity in his voice would have been funny if she wasn’t so turned on and mortified.

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This turned into a University AU, oh well. I hope you like it, this one turned out raunchier than the others ;) 

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Classy Night with Yixing

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