classy sloth


New Kit Day!
17 & 18 January 2017

Confession: I didn’t ride on Tuesday. I just received my beautiful new Babici jersey delivery and posed in front of the mirror. 😆 Okay, I took Mitzy for a walk, so I wasn’t a complete sloth.

Classy touches make opening a parcel tangibly more pleasurable. The tax receipt (don’t ask lol!) is on the back of the sepia photo and the card is a nice touch. As an aside, the Kyoto jersey is a race fit so I instantly regretted the pastry for lunch! 😂 Some Facebook friends - a minority I’m glad to say - write some weird comments. “Is that for cycling or flower arranging?” (Both.) “Is it a corset?” (Sadly no, I’m sucking in my tummy all by myself.)

Mitzy wishes she could lift weights too. Instead she had to make do with offering support this afternoon and hugging me when I did floor work. Tonight’s Dinner Twist (a fortnightly fresh food delivery with recipe booklet) creation was delish - Sicilian chicken and lots of veges! Also, I bought My Boy the Thug Kitchen cookbook - and one for me heehee - but I didn’t realise it was vegetarian! (Distracted by the fruity language.) The recipes are good and one can always replace chick peas and lentils with meat, chicken & fish! (Gas-inducing legumes are off-menu for me with my UC and FODMAP intolerances - I could never be vegan.)