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Seeing those jealous headcanons makes me want to see possessive ones, if you don't mind?

okay, this took me a while to get to, so I apologize. I hope this is what you were looking for! Because it was fun to write.

・゚°✧ I G N I S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

  • He kind of likes to show off his s/o.
  • He’s defiantly the kind of guy that will love secret touches in public.
  • Thigh touch under the table, drawing sweet circles on the inside.
  • Butt touch when no one’s looking, and I do mean touch. Like a gentle slide down his s/o’s body, not making a big deal out of it.
  • Stolen nips and licks at his s/o’s ear as he leans over to pretend to whisper something to them.
  • That’s Iggy’s way of teasing, the naughty, but still classy shit.
  • The kind of crap you can still do at a three thousand plate dinner.

・゚°✧ G L A D I O L U S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

  • Gladdy’s more of a looks kind of guy.
  • He won’t touch, touching makes the whole possessive thing pointless.
  • He wants his s/o to now purely by the way he looks at them.
  • Every time they bend over, he’ll make it clear to them, and the crowd, fi there is one, that’s what he’s doing.
  • Every time he may walk in on them changing, or taking a bath, he won’t hesitate, to take a good look, give em a wink, and pay a compliment.
  • But his go to, his whispering to his s/o about how delicious they look in public.
  • Like I said, no touching, that’s just no fun.

・゚°✧ P R O M P T O   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

  • Prompt’s not great with possession, but dam does he love it when his s/o is possessive with him.
  • Their hand sliding up the back of his shirt. So discreetly, no one can see, sending a shiver down his spine.
  • Or lingering under ear kisses in full view of everyone.
  • He actually loves pda, more specifically, making out in public. It’s like showing off for him.
  • So when he’s possessive rather than his s/o, he goes straight to snagging, just in the middle of the street, he fucking loves it.

・゚°✧ N O C T I S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

  • Noct’s not a huge fan of his status, unless a moment like this comes along.
  • He feels possessive in a suit more than anything else.
  • He likes to pick out what his s/o wears some times, just tops, trousers, dresses/suits. That sort of stuff he gets off on.
  • He also likes weirdly inspecting the clothes he’s picked out after their on his s/o, like he’s approving them.
  • other than that, he loves buying them things they never knew they wanted. 
  • Ranging from jewelry, to chocolates, or just a book from the shop down the road.
  • But he loves it most when he can hand his s/o something expensive in front of other people.

I just hit 2k so I’m doing a follow forever?? Wow?? Special people hello!
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It’s that time of the year again guys, but I promise to make it short. So I reached 700 followers which may not seem much but it actually represents a hell lot for me so I wanted to thank you all for making my tumblr experience a very nice journey. Here are some people that I very much like, respect, admire and enjoy following! Bolded are my special dudes.

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Hello! I just wanted to make this because i absolutely adore you all! I hope you all have a very happy holidays. See you in 2015! xx

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hi! since everyone made a christmas follow forever i thought i’d do an easter follow forever! 

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