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Dear Jonsas

Since @buttercup–bee has blocked me, I am no longer able to comment or read that now-infamous post. So you will all have to bring your statements of how I’m mentally ill and need a therapist, or your tale of how I go around stalking all Jonsa posts just so I can “bully and harass innocent victims” directly to me if you want a response.

Just kidding, I know you don’t actually want a response.

No worries, I have learned my lesson: never again comment on a post in the Jonsa tag.

now they’re less ready for battle™ and more casual

  • anti: takes over October, kills jack, says it's our fault, scare master
  • me: <3
  • dark: doesn't let you finish your ice cream
  • me: too far man, too far
Throne of Glass characters on tumblr
  • Aelin: aesthetic blog dedicated to like different types of weapons or something else disturbing. Plus fashion posts for days. Spends a lot of time making edits in the dead of night.
  • Lysandra: rly personal blog that's also fucking terrifying. U wince when she follows u back.
  • Dorian: porn blog but a classy one in black and white
  • Manon: what is this tumblr. A blackbeak has no need for these frail mortal things.
  • Aedion: fan blog for terrasen. Aelin refuses to follow him back.
  • Rowan: only made a tumblr so he could follow his wife's blog. Really proud of her for all her followers.
  • Elide: blogging about all of her problems all the time
  • Lorcan: no tumblr, but elides blog is his most looked at page
  • Fenrys: that blog that posts everything and anything. Memes. Fandom. Personal. Aesthetic. He has 2 followers bc he can't get his brand right.
  • Chaol: memes. Memes for days. But like lame 4chan memes.

30 Day NU’EST Challenge | Day 28 Your Favourite NU’EST Photoshoot

NU’EST in Ceci October 2013