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Thank you all so much for getting me to 1k followers! I love & appreciate every single one of you. To celebrate, I’m doing my very first Follow Forever. This is essentially just a list of all my favorite mutuals in no particular order (because I’m too lazy to sort them alphabetically, sorry).

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Okay guys, so this is my second year on Tumblr and whoa, I didn’t know I’d have the chance of doing a follow forever again! No, seriously, throughout the year, I’ve thought about quitting and closing this account, but firstly, I’m addicted to this thing so it’s almost impossible, and secondly, I cannot forget all the amazing people that I’ve met here.

Thank you, fannibals, for being there for me, for making me smile when I’m sad, for talking to me when I feel down, for being more than a fandom, more than only people who are together for their love for the same series or actors, for being more than people who enjoy discussing crazy headcanons and theories…

Thank you for being a second family. 

I know I tend to overreact sometimes, and I’m passionate about the things I love and that has caused me problems, but it’s nice to see how we share the same passion and that we understand each other, 

For all of these and more, thank you so much for making of this year, an amazing one!

I wish you guys, a wonderful 2015, full of love, health and success in your life, that all your dreams come true for you and your beloved ones. 

Lots of love:


p.s: sorry if I forgot to mention someone, I’m a bit scatterbrained Ü


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Do you wish you had great friends? Or someone to lend an ear to? Someone who’s a great cook and won’t tolerate any rudeness towards you?

Then meet Dr. Hannibal Lecter a brilliant Psychiatrist who loves the human heart… and mind. An amazing man and extraordinary cook and someone who’ll always love to have you for dinner.

Join us tonight on NBC Friday’s at 10pm for our banquets.

Don’t be late… it’s rude.

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I never really thought I’d hit 300 followers when I made this blog… not quite a year ago yet. Hell, it’s 313 now. I wasn’t even sure I’d be here that long when I started, but I’m definitely not going anywhere now.

I’m kind of amazed though, because I didn’t really have many friends back then, but now, and I dunno about you, but I like to think of all of you as my friends. My mutuals especially, and I know we don’t talk a lot, but considering how bad my anxiety used to be, I talk to you guys on here more than I talk to most people. I wasn’t exaggerating when I used to say, in the first few months that I had the blog, “I’ve talked to more people online than I’ve talked to in the last six months!”

Seriously, you’ve helped me so much. Knowing all of you and talking to you, I made so much progress with my anxiety. So… while I don’t guess this is a lot to do, thanks so much for being here. I love you guys.

ps. I know I probably missed a few people but if we’re mutuals, that means you’re supposed to be on this!

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