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Baby Don’t Like It (Mark x reader)

Word Count: 5845

Genre:  Angst? Fluff? (Not really sure), Highschool AU!

Summary: All of this was a mistake, although you could consider it as the best mistake you have ever done.

A/N: This is my first fanfic or one shot I’ve ever writen. Hope you guys enjoy it and make sure like it if you did. Btw I have nothing against Yeri from Red Velvet. I’m receiving request!

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Mark was startled by the arms of the girl that hugged him from behind, and although he was surprised about that action he couldn’t stop the feeling of warmth and comfort settling inside his chest.

“What are you doing?” Yerim asked kissing his cheek, curiosity dripping down her voice.

“Nothing!” he said with a light shade of pink tinting his cheeks, even though he had being dating Yerim for a long time now he was still easily flustered by the loving actions the girl did that made him feel all mushy and giddy inside.

“Oh really?” she said with a teasing voice “but it has a heart and my name”

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I currently use 10 different journals for 10 different things I do - I love journaling 😍

From top to bottom: yoga workshops, personal journal, classroom journal (for teaching), gardening, knitting, food & exercise, yoga sequences, lesson planning ideas (for teaching), a personal scrapbook, and my art journal. (I’m an English teacher and a yoga teacher).


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ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM (why do you think I drew koro sensei?)


Yo-kai Watch

Gekken Shoujo Nozaki-kun



Ouran Highschool Host Club

Steven Universe 

Gravity Falls

Star Vs the Forces of Evil

Over the Garden Wall

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus/ Magnus Chase/ Trials of Apollo

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Quiet Roomy


Dovah drove up to the school for the first time. The area was gigantic. Most of it was dorm, but the rest of the space was filled with buildings packed with classrooms… a garden inbetween, but it wasn’t very big.

The young man was apprehensive about college. He only wanted a minor business degree before he went back to South Park and started up his own small company where he fixed things since that was all he was good at, but he had to GET the degree in order to use it. This wasn’t something he could skip.

Dovah sighed before he stepped into the room he was supposed to be sharing with another human being. A human being he had to interact with… they’ll probably get annoyed with the fact that he doesn’t speak. With that thought in mind, he opened the door and was surprised to see-… Butters Stotch? Didn’t they… go to school together. He tilted his head at the thought of what the odds could’ve been for this.

Kids Plant Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden for the Last Time

Eight years of growing vegetables on the South Lawn has helped to change conversations about food and diet in the U.S.

Michelle Obama helped to turn the dirt and plant seedlings on the South Lawn of the White House for the last time as first lady on Tuesday. She planted, among other crops, the same kind of lettuce grown on the International Space Station.

Over the two terms of the Obama administration, online videos of the first lady asking “Turnip for what?” or surprising schoolkids in their own garden classrooms have become familiar sights. So much so that it’s easy to forget that the kitchen garden,established by her in 2009, was the first to be planted on the White House grounds since Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War II–era Victory Garden.

“It was eight years ago that we cooked up this really interesting idea, that maybe we could dig up some dirt of the South Lawn — maybe someone would let us do that, and we could plant a wonderful garden that would be a space where we could talk about the food we eat,” the first lady saidbefore working with elementary-school students from Washington, D.C., schools and kids visiting from around the country.

The Let’s Move! campaign, focused on children’s health and diet, has had its ups and downs over the years, but initiatives like the White House garden have helped to change the conversation about kids’ diets — and has helped to further popularize the growing trend of school gardens across the country.

And the idea that kids will be more likely to eat their vegetables if they see where they come from, which Obama reiterated on Tuesday, is borne out by the research: Numerous studies have shown an increase in the number of fruit and vegetable servings consumed daily, as well as greater intake of fiber and vitamins A and C, after being involved in a school gardening program. Additionally, a 2013 study published in the Review of Educational Research showed “overwhelmingly that garden-based learning had a positive impact on students’ grades, knowledge, attitudes, and behavior.”

Many of the students helping with the planting this year — who travelled from Newark, New Jersey, and New Orleans, and other points across the county — come from backgrounds where the need for both better nutrition and education outcomes is most acute. At the two D.C. public schools that have helped both plant and harvest the garden since 2008, Bancroft Elementary and Tubman Elementary, 76 percent and 99 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, respectively. Bancroft is 74 percent Hispanic, while Tubman is 48 percent black and 48 percent Hispanic.

Childhood obesity rates are higher for both black and Hispanic populations than for white kids. Furthermore, food-access issues in urban areas disproportionately affect poor and minority populations, with predominantly black neighborhoods suffering from the most limited access to supermarkets, according a 2013 study published in the journal Preventative Medicine — even when those neigbhorhoods are comparatively well off.

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nestingangels  asked:

ok so i am thinking about: cas attends a fancy all omega private school. dean is a scrappy little alpha who recently dropped out of hs to take care of his little brother, and one of his jobs is working odd jobs around the omega school after hours - mowing the lawns, cleaning the classrooms, tending to the gardens, stocking the library shelves, etc. he runs into cas quite a bit since cas spends most of his time at the school reading and studying - good grades mean a good future away from his 1/3

family, who are old-fashioned and think omegas should stay in the home and that cas is a rebel and disgrace for wanting to go to college and not settle down and start a family. dean and cas end up becoming friends when they complain about their families together, and dean always tells cas to tell his family to go fuck themselves bc cas is brilliant, which cas says about dean too - and so cas ends up helping dean study for his GED after school and ofc they fall in love :’) they both scream 2/3

the loudest at each other’s graduation ceremonies and have sex for the first time in dean’s car that night. and, though cas’ family doesn’t know it as he’s been cast out following his acceptance to a prestigious university, cas does end up married and 2 a baby on the way. but, with dean, that doesn’t mean he can’t earn a degree or an incredible career. he’s not lesser just bc he’s an omega. he can have both. he can /choose/. and he and dean devote themselves to fighting for omega rights :’) 3/3 

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PROGRESS REPORT #4 - August 31, 2016

Hi everyone! Remember my post about the demo’s progress? I wasn’t kidding when I said that a progress report was going to come to you soon! The end of the summer has been pretty rough for us. Back to school and unexpected delays hurt our productivity, thus why I haven’t released a progress report earlier. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to finish everything we wanted to do for the summer. But the good news is that we have some pretty cool stuff to report! And we’re getting closer and closer to completing the demo with every single step. So, here is the Progress Report as of August 31, 2016: WRITING: In Progress Chapter 3 & 4: Being written by Serena and Mae Chapter 2: Soon to be beta-read and prepped for coding. Completed: Chapter 0 & Chapter 1 beta-read and ready to code! Chapter 2 First Draft Also, considering that the demo will include Chapters 0,1 and 2, this means that the writing for the demo is almost done! The only things left are to polish and perfect the story for the launch, but once that’s taken care of, all that will be left to do is implement the writing into the code of the demo :D BACKGROUND ART: Completed Backgrounds, ready to be implemented: Classroom 1 Hallway 1 Hallway 2 Cafeteria 1 Cafeteria 2 Cafeteria 3 > NEW Garden > NEW Classroom 2 > NEW Dorms Hallway > NEW Along with that, An is currently working on the Dorms area backgrounds! SPRITE ART: In Progress: Cecile is working on completing the expressions on characters who only have their base sprites done. She’s also going to start working on another character’s sprite…which means, of course, another teaser for you guys once she’s done! Completed: Ellie, Neha and Tegan (base sprite) Tadashi (base sprite + expressions) Axel (base sprite + expressions) Karolina (base sprite + expressions) Alistair (base sprite + expressions)CODING: Basic mechanisms are completed. The work in coding the demo is being focused on making your choices in the game stored and used for later and on fixing aesthetic issues. Courtney will be working intensively on coding up Sweet Elite’s website and different pages such as your profile page, relationship page, log in page, etc.So….What’s Next? We’re going to be rolling out the last sprites of the main 10 in the next few months! Keep your eye out for them. More writing and backgrounds should be completed. Completing the website’s design and all the visuals that need to be included. Setting up the website’s database and testing if people can register. This is by far going to be the hardest part, coding wise, before releasing a demo for you guys. That’s it for now! Thank you for following the development of Sweet Elite. Love, Serena, Project Manager Game Site | Development Blog | Staff Antics Blog | FAQ | Join the Team


Some sketch! More from this crazy AU about being a architecture students (like me :3 ) Arthur is a solitary student and applied until a certain young American persistent, intelligent and kindhearted comes to complement their university life… :3 how can I say… Is just an idea, all this scenarios are from my university: the hall, workshops, classrooms, and the gardens.. I really love this place