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I'm confused as to why you so freely give cursing advice. While I know not all curses are done with negative intent, is it not against most of our beliefs to purposely cause harm to another person? Shouldn't we be using our abilities to instead allow ourselves to move on from harmful people, instead of bringing harm to them? It just seems very petty for someone to harm another due to hurt feelings.

Oh you have no idea how long I have been WAITING to get this ask! :D

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First of all, I wanna say something about something you said in your ask:

“Is it not against most of our beliefs to purposely cause harm to another person?”

Saying that implies that we all share the same set of beliefs, which we do not. Right there is why I can freely give cursing advice.

I can ultimately give cursing advice because I am aware that each magic user has the right to choose what they want to do with their energy and time. Whether or not it is “morally wrong or right” is completely subjective, as each person’s moral values are different from each other. Each person is allowed to decide on their own what is right or wrong for them, what they want to do or not do within witchcraft. I am not police or judge or jury when it comes to how people use their magic; there is none, and nor do I think there ever will be honestly, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I can freely give cursing advice because I know that there are only so many things that the legal justice system can do to help people. There are limits, and for those that feel that justice was not served, that the law was unable to help them, they may want to take it into their own hands to see that person magically punished for what they did, and I feel that is completely valid to do.

I can freely give cursing advice because I know that there are some things that people do that are just unforgivable, that some people will NEVER get over or move on from, at least not on their own or over time. Some things are never forgotten, can never be removed from us; sometimes something needs to be done to send it back, or punish someone who has wronged us in such an awful way. Some things just don’t go away, some things can’t just be “moved on from.” Life is not that neat and clean.

I can freely give cursing advice because it is everyone’s own prerogative to decide how they react to what has been done to them. Because if someone wants to be upset, or if someone doesn’t want to move on, that is their choice and is valid. How they go forward with what they do in regards to a situation is on them. I will not remove someone’s choice of free will, I will not tell someone that how they are responding to a situation is right or wrong - I will not invalidate someone’s feelings to horrible situations that my own brain can’t even wrap around sometimes.

I can freely give cursing advice because I would rather witches out there being safe doing curses. It is better that they get advice from someone who knows, than try cursing on their own without any guidance, and maybe do some bad damage to themselves as well. “I cannot stop them; I can only prepare them.”

I can freely give cursing advice because the world is a chaotic, messy, and sometimes even downright cruel place. Bad things happen to good people all the time. The world is not all “love and light and kindness,” nor do I think witches need to be either. Magic, as its base, is about helping ourselves, in whatever way that must be.

I can freely give cursing advice because there are classrooms and gyms and dojos across the world that can guilt-free teach people how to throw punches, aim kicks, and countless other ways how to physically harm people. I don’t see anyone going to those teachers and senseis and telling them that they shouldn’t be promoting violence, that people shouldn’t learn how to defend themselves, to react when someone harms them.

It is important to keep in mind that most of the times people curse, is because harm has already been done to them; cursing is done to punish those who have hurt them, sometimes beyond belief or words, or to send back that person’s own negativity to them, so they can understand their wrongs.

Agree or disagree, that’s fine - I’m not forcing you to accept what I’m saying, but my opinion will not change if you don’t. I do what I do for a lot of reasons. And I will continue to do it. At this point, nothing is going to stop me. I stand by the people who have been hurt and used and just wronged beyond words. I will give them the tools they need to do what they need to for themselves.

Because honestly, that’s all that really matters - how each curse caster feels about what they do. Anything else is really just noise in the wind. People will always say what they will about this - there is always going to be debate - but that will not change how a curse caster feels about what they do, and why they do it, and that they do it at all. They do what they do because no one else can do it for them - they do it to take the power back into their own hands from those who have torn it from them. I will not alienate those people just because their methods may be different than mine.

That’s how I feel, and other people may say it better than I do, but I stand by my words, I stand by my actions.

I will always support and aid curse casters.