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My schools fire alarms always go off on accident so whenever it goes off my entire class (in any period) just sit there, complain about the noise, then continue working or listening to a lecture or something. Some teachers even turned off the fire alarm sound in their classrooms.


Dancing in the Dungeons

My first attempt to put something snape-worthy out for a week of celebration. Here is my contribution. If you love it and want to see more, let me know!


Lily Evans was walking down to the Dungeons to meet up with her friend Severus Snape. As she turned to walk down the stairs to said dungeons she collided with said friend, who looked to be running for his life. 

She fell to the ground with a thump and looked over to Severus as he shot up like a lightning bolt, looking like a frazzled bird washed out from a hurricane.

“Severus? What happened?” Lily asked her friend. 

He looked down at Lily, took her hand and picked her up. “Run!”

“What?” Lily looked rather befuddled. 

“RUN!” He pulled Lily into a running start. She was confused as to what they were running from, but nevertheless abided by Severus’ demands and ran alongside him. They ran all the way up the Grand Staircase, up to the fourth floor where they both stopped to catch their breath.

“Sev,” Lily panted. “What happened? What were we running from? Malfoy? Mulciber?”

Severus caught his breath, shook his head,  and looked Lily. “I..I don’t…I…my father.” 

Lily turned her head in confusion. “Your father? But he’s a muggle! Why would he…”

“I know Lily!” Severus exclaimed, “I know! But…it was him…and at the same time it wasn’t…” He leaned up against the railing and slid down it. He curled up against his slender legs. Severus teared up a bit. 

Lily went over and knelt in front of him. “I think you should start from the beginning Sev.”

Severus took a few deep breaths and started recanting his tale.

It was after lunch and Severus went down to the dungeons to get his books for the second half of the school day. He reached his and Lily’s usual meeting place but found that Lily wasn’t there yet, so he decided to sit down, crack open his Potions textbook, and began reading ahead a few chapters about the ‘Draught of Living Death.’

Suddenly he heard a bucket being overturned down the hallway. Severus looked to where the noise came from. Instinctively, he pulled out his wand out. “Hello?”

Severus had a feeling it was Potter, and his cronies up to no good as usual. “Potter! I know you’re there! Come out now! Show yourself!” He demanded of his rival.

Silence filled the hall as not James Potter rounded the corner, but a single solitary red balloon. It floated from the hallway over to the adjoining wall where it stopped. It popped when a whiskey bottle hit the balloon and adjacent wall, shattering into a thousand or so pieces. 

Severus smelt the whiskey from he was standing and remembered the distinct, pungent smell. It was the same kind of whiskey that his father drank.

“You little Gobshite!” A loud voice roared from down the hallway corner. 

Severus dropped his potions book in fear. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be! He stood there as a figure emerged from the corner. He was tall, broad-shouldered, had a stocky build, and was always in a constant state of inebriated anger. It was Tobias Snape. 

He locked eyes with Severus as he turned the corner. “How dare you fuckin’ yell at me!? You fuckin’ bastard!” He took a swig from another whiskey bottle he had from his hand. “I should have made your whore mother abort you! You’re nothing more than a pathetic freak, outside his element!”

Severus was in a panicked state. “You…you can’t be here.”

Tobias looked at his son. “I am.” He wiped his spittle from his mouth and approached Severus. 

Severus raised his wand at ‘Tobias’ and thought aloud. “You’re not real! You-You’re just a boggart! You’re not real! Riddikulus!” He cast the boggart-banishing charm.

The figure before Severus seemed to shudder as the visage of his father flickered to and fro, before settling back as Tobias. 

“YOU LITTLE FUCK!” He threw the other bottle at Severus, which winged him on the right side of his head. 

He fell down to the hard, damp floor. Severus turned around and shuffled away from the thing before him. ‘Tobias’ fuddled around with his belt trying to take it off. “GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!”

Severus managed to raise his wand before ‘Tobias’ took off his belt. He brandished his wand and yelled aloud, “Sectumsempra!”

The imposter flew back to the back dungeon wall and hit it with a resounding thud. Severus was hyperventilating at this point. His teeth gritting together as he slowly got up, his wand still fixed at that thing.

To his surprise, that thing parading around as Tobias got back to its feet, however with one less arm. It looked over at Severus and let out a guttural, near other-worldly roar. Severus took off running down into the dungeons, running away from that creature, whatever it was.

For what seemed like an eternity Severus ran to the Potions Classroom and locked himself in there. He went around looking for Slughorn, but alas the unreliable Head of Slytherin wasn’t there. 


Severus turned around towards the door. 


He immediately looked for a place to hide. 


Severus hid away in the supply closet just before the door smashed open. He held his breath and tried to settle his shaking hands. 

“You’ll float.” The Tobias-Imposter spoke. “You all float in the end! Magic or not! You’re not special!”  His voice began to echo somewhat.

Severus saw the figure of his father clutching his lopped-off arm in his remaining hand walk in front of the closet door, stop, and then continue walking on. 

He remained still, wondering if this was just a nightmare. Wondering if this was all in his head. 

Suddenly he felt a pair of hands wrap around his neck. Severus turned to face a malevolent looking clown. “Boogity boo! Come with me, and you’ll float too!” Severus yelled in terror as the clown bared his unnatural looking teeth. “Your fear makes you taste all the better!” The clown’s mouth opened to show several rows of long, sharp, jagged teeth just waiting to chomp, bite, and crunch into Severus’ body. 

Severus was frozen with shock, and couldn’t think. He had to get away. He had to escape, he raised his wand. “Expelliarmus!”

The clown shot back into the jars of potion ingredients as Severus hightailed it out of the closet, and into the classroom. 

He heard laughter emanating from the closet and looked back. The clown laughed hysterically as he emerged. His mouth shrank down into an unsettling smile. He pointed at the sink. “Where does that lead?” 

Severus wasn’t thinking straight, and could not answer the monster. 

“It leads down ‘there’ silly boy! Where you’ll end up. Along with all the others! You’ll float down there! Everybody floats eventually, so why delay the inevitable!?”

Severus regained his senses and shot over to the door and tried to get it open. 

“Leaving so soon?” The clown asked almost tauntingly so. “Well don’t let me keep you. Come back anytime! Bring your friends, bring your enemies, bring your family, bring them all! Because there’s no escaping me! There’s no beating me! There’s only me!” He roared in his demented laughter once again as the door came unlocked, and Severus bolted out of the classroom, and away from danger. 

Severus finished telling what had happened to his best friend hoping she’d believe him.

“Sev,” Lily began. “I’m not doubting what you went through, but a clown?”

“Lily it happened, and that thing is real!” Severus affirmed. 

“Maybe it was Malfoy playing a dirty trick on you?”

He shook his head, “No…I…I didn’t tell him about my…my father.”


“No, Lily! I…” Severus sighed in utter defeat. His nerves fried over his recent experience. 

Lily sighed, “Well, in any case, you look really shaken up. So, let’s head to Madam Pomfrey and have her give you a calming draft.”

Severus took a breath and nodded. He got up with Lily as the two of them headed towards the infirmary. 


Lily turned her head around wondering where that laughter had come from, but only saw a clown holding a red balloon in front of the third-floor entry way. And saw that clown glare at Lily before walking away into the confines of the third-floor. 

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teachers: please stop telling children that they have to be friends with every child in the classroom. this is dangerous. it is telling children that even if another child hits you, teases you, insults you, that they are still a friend. wrong. they are not your friend. you teachers doing this are trying to end bullying but actually you are silencing victims of bullying.