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And the award for “Most Relatable Scene I’ve Ever Read in a Manga” goes to this chapter of Assassination Classroom.

Because you don’t even need the context behind this scene (which is another story entirely) to be able to relate to this. I’m sure most people has had this speech at some point in their lives, no?

They even nailed his thoughts.

More like my exact thoughts.

This got so personal that it almost hurt.


One of the classroom champions chats Meryl and Charlie did today. Just too much adorableness….can’t take it. Video is about. 25 minutes long.


Ice dancing gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White talk with their classes about goal setting, a favorite topic of theirs. They discuss the reason to set goals, the benefits of a goal setting habit, the different types of goals, and the importance of sharing your goals with others.

Also new!


From their Classroom Champions lesson today.  The audio is horrible but their cuteness is on display.


Classroom Champions


New Classroom Champions video!

Doing good in the public eye--a fan ramble.

Looking over the great event photos from the Munson Awards last night (thanks maksylmyheart and others who collected pics to post!) and thinking how pleased I am for Meryl and Charlie. Their visibility post-Olympics has been strong and steady and totally on-brand–including Meryl’s fabulous second ‘line of work’ as ballroom dancer post-DWTS and her super-popular partnership with Maks. In fact, both M & C’s Q-ratings, and especially Meryl’s, have risen rather than fallen, so that they are now the highest-rated U.S. Olympic athletes to emerge from Sochi.

Beyond Meryl and Charlie’s commercial viability, what really is important is how they’ve leveraged this visibility to raise the profile of close-to-their-heart projects such as Classroom Champions and other charities. THIS is where you can see that they have great PR and management: this is not to say that they would not keep doing the good things they do without the recognition (and I assume that they would, which is why I’m a fan), BUT they are also publicly recognized for it via highly desirable platforms such as the Women’s Sports Foundation and the Munson Award, etc. That doesn’t happen without some hustle on the part of their teamsmany, many pro- and Olympic athletes are involved in charitable endeavors. Yet…in the case of last night’s awards in honor of a legendary Yankee, it’s not a surprise that recognition was given to several public-service-minded NY-based stars of big pro-sports (Yankees, Mets, Giants)…but then, to 2 Olympic gold medalists in ice dancing, from Michigan? THAT is good career management, right there. It didn’t happen by chance.

Moreover, that kind of positive public recognition in turn generates more opportunities for Meryl and Charlie to continue doing their brand of good. So a win-win.

As part of the Maks & Meryl fan club, I can’t help but compare and wish that Maks received similarly strong promotion. I think kleinemocha talked about this recently–Maks obviously does devote much time and energy to charitable endeavors, Childhelp first and foremost, but also to high-profile events such as the one he attended in Arizona over Superbowl weekend. But it doesn’t get associated with him in a manner that allows for him to capitalize on it to do more good, if that makes sense. His fans might donate to Childhelp and other causes because of his involvement, but that is after all, limited reach; and to the extent that his charitable work registers in any public consciousness, it is when they emerge as a sideline to tabloid write-ups about his dates for events (that whole Miami Perez Hilton and People kertuffle), or in a TV interview remembered for what he said about his love life, or through the production of pap photos of him that allow for a non-charity-related story.

I don’t blame Maks as much as I wish that he would get the kind of promotion that allows him to get recognition for the things he cares about, which in turn gives him more leverage to do even greater good. It’s not about loyalty to Lizzie. She might be a longtime supporter, but her vision is getting her clients Us Magazine/entertainment TV show visibility. Nothing inherently wrong with that. But to the extent that that is not what Maks truly cares about, it’s a shame he doesn’t have someone who can help him leverage and maximize his ability to do good in the public eye.


US ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White talk with their classes about their favorite moments of the Classroom Champions year, and talk about how success means more than just a top result. Charlie encourages students to keep working on the year’s lessons over the summer.

They challenge their students to reflect on the year, write about their top three lessons for the year, and to keep setting goals.

Charlie has a ring on


Another adorable Classroom Champions from Meryl and Charlie


Meryl will be speaking at this event for classroom champions in DC. There are two dates: today and tomorrow, I’m not sure if she she is doing both. 👏


Meryl and Charlie in Japan filming for Classroom Champions