Japanese artists and friends& Hiné Mizushima (previously featured here) and Yuko Higuchi (previously featured here) collaborated on the creation of this awesome diorama of needle-felted squid in biology class. Mizushima made the adorable squid student and teacher and assembled the diorama while Higuchi made the beautiful anatomical illustrations and the needle-felted heart. We hope these two fantastic artists team up again sometime soon.

[via Street Anatomy]

The signs in a classroom

Aries: Silently putting their head down and finishing the work
Taurus: Daydreaming, probably staring at a wall
Gemini: Arguing with the teacher
Cancer: Throwing paper airplanes
Virgo: Kicking the person in front of them
Leo: Joining Cancer
Libra: Trying to be funny but is really not
Sagittarius: Talking
Capricorn: Wishing they could leave the classroom
Aquarius: Doing the work but talking at the same time
Pisces: Falling out of their chair

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the classroom!

Sit up straight

This lets your body know that you are energetic and alert. It also conveys respect for the people around you.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Listen and take good notes. It will aid in the study process later.

Ask & answer questions

If you don’t completely understand a concept that an instructor is understanding, speak up! It is their job to make sure you are getting the information. Alternatively, answer the questions they ask. Impress the instructor with your understanding of the topic.


Communicate non-verbally! Mimic engagement!

Track the speaker

Looking at someone while they are speaking isn’t just for courtesy. It’s easier to hear an instructor if you look at them while they’re talking. Bonus points if you sit in the front row!


Over the last two years we’ve seen some awesome pieces of chalkboard art created by students in Japan (previously featured here). Japanese chalkboard maker Nichigaku noticed as well and hosted a country-wide Blackboard Art contest, offering gift certificates worth up to up to 100,000 yen ($810 US) in value to the winners. The company received 50 wonderfully creative entries from across Japan created by 249 students, including this fantastic chalkboard selfie:

Head over to the Nichigaku website to check out the rest of the extraordinary submissions for their chalkboard art contest.

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