When he was making “All in a Nights Work” for Hal Wallis, Dean used to see Jerry driving around the lot on his golf cart, and he was hopeful that they’d finally come face to face so they could make up. But every time Jerry spotted Dean coming, he’d quickly drive his cart around a corner to avoid a confrontation–even a friendly one–with his former partner.

After Jerry did that to him three or four times, Dino walked over to Jerry Lewis productions, barged his way through about twenty secretaries, and ended up in Jerry’s private office, where Jerry was sitting at his desk.

“You little so and so–why are you ducking me?” asked Dino. “What’s the matter with you, anyhow?”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” answered Jerry.

“What do you mean? You saw me just now, and you darted around a corner. Why did you do it?”

Jerry squirmed uneasily. “I didn’t feel right,” he said.

Dean got him to come out from behind his desk. “Come up to my room,” he said. “There are no bells or secretaries there. Anybody can walk right in. Anybody at all.”

Upstairs in his own baiiwick, Dean ordered Jerry to “sit down and have a drink.”

Jerry declined the drink but listened while Dean talked to him in a very brotherly fashion for fifteen minutes about how silly it was for them not even to be on speaking terms. Gradually, Jerry warmed up and admitted he had been acting like a child.

“Now isn’t this better than ducking me?” Dean finally asked.

“Yep,” grinned Jerry. And they shook hands on it, and he left.

“I felt pretty good about it,” recalls Dino. “But the next time Jerry saw me he ducked around a corner again.”

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Remembering Dean Martin (June 7, 1917-December 25, 1995 ∞)

“Dean and I met at the Belmont Plaza Hotel, and I fell in love with my hero.  I had never seen anyone so handsome.” - Jerry Lewis

“What kind of a father was he?  He was a lot of fun.  You know, we would roughhouse around.  You know, we would be in the swimming pool.  We would have dinner every night.

 And one of my – one of my memories is that Dad was always coming home right on time.  He was like clockwork.  Everything was, you know, meticulous for him.  He would walk through that back door, and I could hear the taps on his shoes.   You could hear them echoing down the hallway.  And he’d walk into the kitchen, get a piece of Wonder Bread out, put a little peanut butter on it, fold it in half, walk into the living room, sit down on the couch and maybe fall asleep for a half hour.  And then, you know, we would come in and we would spend some time together.”
- Deana Martin

“I found him darling-the rare talented singer who was also funny.“ - Monica Lewis

“He looked fearless, absolutely fearless. There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on.” - Robbie Williams


[Monty was] a friend dear to me. Nobody wanted him around, nobody would eat with him. I took him to dinner, or I would have a drink with him, or I would put him to bed ‘cause he was always on pills. He was so sad, such a sad, sad man, and he was like a boy, so unhappy and rejected, and so I’d say, ‘Come on, Clift, let’s go.’ I’d bring him with me everywhere.”