Head of a wounded Amazon of the so-called “Capitol-Sosicles” type; Roman marble copy after a lost Greek bronze original, created by Polyclitus or Cresilas at Ephesus, ca. 440-430 BCE.  Found in the Horti of Maecenas; now in the Capitoline Museums, Rome.

Female marble statue, believed to be a Roman-era copy of a statue of Artemis by the Athenian sculptor Cephisodotus the Elder (fl. ca. 400-360 BCE).  Now in the Capitoline Museums, Rome.

fun latin word of the day

apicula, -ae, fem. (ah-pee-coo-lah) – little bee

i really just adore latin diminutives. for all of u who want to embrace ur inner vergil, here’s the cutest term of endearment ever because bees are the most adorable

apparently this is a picture of a bee sleeping which is the best thing so enjoy