Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Niall Horan

Sometimes, pictures of Niall Horan are so beautiful, they’re timeless. Here are some examples of that! Compiled and captioned with my best friend, @100percentsassy.

Junior Niall Horan, out by the tennis courts, October 2011. (x)  

Andy Warhol’s cousin and longtime assistant, Niall Horan, seen here in a quick test shot taken by Jack Mitchell in 1968. (x)

Comedian Niall Horan, seconds before being asked to the couch on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1990. (x)  

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Witchy Mood Music

I responded to a post about chants and music to help raise energy (for hausofsageandcrystals & ace-of-pentacles) before or during practicing magic, and I thought instead of just helping that person, I’d just make a master post to help anyone who might be looking for a list like this.

Each artist is listed here with a link to an example of their music… I would 10/10 recommend all of these artists to anyone with a taste for the medieval/pagan/witchy feel. I will do my best to define the genre of music they all fall under for you guys. 

I hope this list is helpful for people! These are just some of my favorites, if there is anyone you think I should add to this list, message me! :)

Also adding a link to a new spotify playlist that includes all of the artists from this list that spotify has. I’ll mark the ones that aren’t on it with “☆”



Times are Tough, Have some Muzik (part 2)

So in the spirit of sharing some of the performances and musical arrangements of my favourite crossover classical composer, David Garrett, performing works by the composers featured in the anime “ClassicaLoid”, here are some more videos. Works by Beethoven and Mozart can be found in this post.


I could only find one piece by Chopin, the “Nocturne”. But it’s a nice arrangement.

Likewise for Liszt

I could only find one piece by Liszt - “La Campanella”. This is actually a pure classical form, which I think is because it is part of the soundtrack of “The Devil’s Violinist” in which Garrett played the violinist Paganini. (I’d love to see it someday.)

Schubert. OMG.

This arrange ment of “The Erlkonig”. I did not know it existed until I found it tonight. It is my new favourite arrangement. OMG.

He also did Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. This one is pure and not rock, which works just fine (although Ave Maria does sound oddly good on an electric guitar. You can Youtube it.)

Next up: Tchaikovsky and Bach

classical music for studying

Hello! This is my first masterpost and I thought to make it about classical music since I do have a bit of knowledge in that area. The music and playlists I chose here are chosen along my personal preferences — they may not work for you! Please let me know if any of the links don’t work etc. etc. Hope you like it!  

[[[ Also, please do not consider classical music as only useful for studying; you might not like it which is fine, but it’s an autonome genre of music. It is made for listening and enjoying just like pop or death metal. It holds emotion just like other genres of music. ]]]


  • Period Study: Volume 1 by ankwa: a great playlist of medieval, mostly vocal music, but it’s in latin i think so unless you speak it it shouldn’t be distracting! 
  • Period Study: Volume 2 by ankwa: pretty much all instrumental music from the Renaissance period. upbeat and fun to listen to, very motivational. 
  • Period Study: Volume 3 by ankwa: baroque music from the same collection, again pretty much all instrumental. this one i like less because it makes me jam too much, but maybe you’ll like it. 
  • late morning studying by Montague-Fuzzlepeck: a bit more vocals but very relaxing overall. it’s not just classical though and contains some classical crossover etc. 
  • Keep It Classycal by Audiophile: exclusively classical music; contains some popular pieces like Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1 Prelude and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
  • The Best of Bach: as the title of the video says. for some of the pieces, the audio level varies a lot so make sure to not put your volume too high! 
  • Chopin Complete Nocturnes again, it’s exactly what the title says. i like full videos for these things because there are no ads before every single piece! 


Some of these are longer, some shorter; maybe you could listen to them to see if you like them and make a playlist out of your favourites! They are all links from YouTube as that is usually what I use to listen to music. 

As I said, let me know if any links don’t work and I hope this will be useful to you and your studies! I’m also always open to requests/suggestions :] 


Jonas Kaufmann-Parla piu piano

Times are Tough, Have some Muzik (part 3)

Previously in this series of links to videos by amazing classical crossover artist David Garrett performing pieces by composers featured in the anime “ClassicaLoid”:

Beethoven and Mozart

Chopin, Liszt, and Schubert

Next up, we have Tchaikovsky:

“Swan Lake”, which I understand is going to be the theme in ClassicaLoid ep. 19. It will be interesting to hear the CL version of it, but in the meantime here’s David Garrett’s version:

He’s actually done more Tchaikovsky, but since I’m focusing more on modern/crossover classical than pure classical here, you can YouTube it if you want to hear more. For now, moving on to…


He just calls this one “Air”, but I think it is Bach’s “Air on the G String”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

And again…he just calls this one “Tocatta”, but I’m pretty sure this is the “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor”. (Or part of it, anyway.)

And just for good measure, here is David Garrett playing Bach’s Double Harpsichord Concerto in Major C. (It’s pure classical, no rock added.)

As mentioned in another post, I don’t think Mr. Garrett has performed Badarzewska’s “Maiden’s Prayer”, so no love there, sorry. But he’s done a ton more stuff, including a whole album of purely classical Mozart music, as well as arrangements of several Michael Jackson songs, Nirvana, Metallica…lots more. I really encourage people to check out his work.

but what if after disappearing Shiro is having a Gulliver’s Travels moment and is on a planet where everyone else is 6 inches tall and all of the food he has to eat is miniature and he is a skyscraper and the biggest problem is that these teeny people are about to go to war over whether to open eggs at the little end or the big end and the eggs are just SO SMALL AND HE’S HUNGRY

why not

Hope & Legacy, traces, etc. (空色羊 @sorairohituji)

The awesome @sorairohituji has kindly allowed me to translate her wonderfully detailed review of Hope & Legacy, Yuzuru’s FS program this season, from her blog.

Pay attention to 1) the traces for each part of the program, 2) how it all fits with the music, 3) “…there is a spot where Yuzuru brings his hands forward and looks into it. In that scene, Yuzuru finds himself looking into the mirror.” What is Shae-lynn talking about?

Original post is here in Japanese. Translated by gladiolusc .

After I was done, I realized I should have done the traces from 4CC instead of GPF, given the many fan cams from different angles available. I did GPF’s because I thought that the original layout was better, but the tracks going into 3A-lo-3S was almost the same as the ones going into the emergency 4T2T… *sweatdrop*

There may be many parts that are a little displaced, the curves might want to be expanded, or not, etc, but please pardon me. Since I am an amateur who has never skated before, please let me know if there are any mistakes in in the steps & turns.

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