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i just want to take a second to say that just because we don’t see ryan talking to jon/spencer/pete/gabe/etc on instagram, doesn’t mean they don’t talk. ryan’s pretty private when it comes to the internet, so he doesn’t really comment a whole lot. don’t base your ideas of his relationships on his social media presence

  • Jesper: Nice work.
  • Kaz: Alright good, thanks bro.
  • Jesper:
  • Inej:
  • Everyone else:
  • Kaz: What? Why is everybody staring at me?
  • Inej: You just called Jesper "bro". You said "thanks bro".
  • Kaz: No, I didn't, I said "thanks man".
  • Jesper: Do you see me as a brother figure, Kaz?
  • Kaz: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, cause you're always bothering me.
Canon Queer Fiction Part 4/4 (updated 4/27/17)

15) Some Like it Hot: Nobody’s Perfect. 

Some Like it Hot is about two musicians who go on the run after witnessing a mob hit. In an attempt to escape, they disguise themselves as women and join a women’s band heading down to Florida. And as the ancient scrolls say, hilarity ensues. 

  • Pros: one of the best comedies ever made. 
  • Cons: ???

16) Check Please: *The echoing sound of a boy singing Beyonce in the shower*

@omgcheckplease I’m embarrassed I didn’t add this sooner! Welcome to The List.  

Check Please is a webcomic about a college hockey team. Its also really gay. Good stuff. 

17) Black Sails: *Kicks down your door* yO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!

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GAY PIRATES. Suggested by @mangopuffs Thank you based mangopuff.

  • Pros: Gays pirates. 
  • Cons: The nudity is a bit excessive in the first season. Like, game of thrones excessive. So don’t watch it with the kids.

18) Genghis Khan: No relation to the Mongolian warlord. 

Just watch it. Trust me. 

  • Pros: It makes me … happy. In this vale of tears, what more can we ask for?
  • Cons: Its a music video and not a feature length film. 

19) Tobias and Guy: The one with the Bara demon. 

@tobiasandguy Again, I don’t know why I didn’t add this much sooner. 

Its a comic about a guy who dates a demon. Come for the lulz, stay because you can’t click away for the way your hands are shaking and the tears.

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Bach - “Goldberg” Variations, BWV 988

At the top of his mountain of keyboard works is this work, one of the greatest pieces of music written in history. A set of variations on an original aria. “Composed for connoisseurs, for the refreshment of their spirits,” the work is one of the greatest examples of variation writing, taking the bass line, rather than the melody, to be written over. The result is, when repeats are observed, over an hour of innovative music. It’s the kind of music that feels so natural, I can’t help but think of a Spring or Summer day with the windows open, watching late afternoon sun drip in, making me smile even when I feel down. I’m really bad at reading sheet music, but I made myself learn the opening aria, and in practicing just that segment, it’s easier for me to notice exactly how the variations relate to the opening. Through these variations, we get dances, dense polyphony, sorrow, “orchestral” segments, operatic solos, and it even combines with popular drinking songs near the end. And, in a final twist of transcendence, the work ends with a repeat of the first aria, to remind us of where we started at the beginning of the journey, and how far we’ve traveled. It’s also funny to note that recently historians have discovered a manuscript page that contains 14 canons, increasing in complexity, based off of the first 8 notes of the bass line. It’s incredible how much Bach could do with so little as the foundation.

unrivalled-in-sarcasm  asked:

Is there any relatively safe way to knock someone out with no resources but your hands? My character needs to knock this person out so they don't run off, but he has nothing on him to do so. It's necessary to the story that he be knocked out. Thank you!


We’ve gone over this, many times, before. There is no safe way to knock someone unconscious. By definition, you’re specifically attempting to damage their brain, with the goal of getting it to take a little vacation.

More than that, there aren’t even many reliable means to knock someone out. Blows to the head can, theoretically, work, but they can also, just as easily, piss off the person you’re attacking, without much ill effect.

Tranquilizers take ages to kick in, and are very difficult to dose. Too much, and you’ve got a corpse. Not enough, and you’ve got someone who’s groggy, but still ambulatory.

Choking is, in theory, the safest, but the fine line between unconscious and dead is still something you can’t spot intentionally. Choking is something that can be practiced in a safe environment, but using it in the field is incredibly finicky.

And, it gets better.

Strip away all the terminology and a concussion is just bruising on the brain itself. You get hit, your head gets jostled around, and your brain bounces off the inside of your skull. You may have been using that organ for something, and might understand why you don’t particularly want it getting directly injured. Either way, this will, absolutely, interfere with your ability to think, remember unimportant information like your name, or count the number of fingers some well meaning smartass is holding up. Still, probably won’t knock you out, though.

When you’re talking about knocking someone out, you’re really asking, “how can I directly assault their brain, without having to develop psychic powers?” Yeah, that’s never going to be safe. It turns out, getting the human brain to stop working, temporarily, is a lot like trying to get it to just flat out stop working in general, and it’s a crap shoot, which you’ll get.

Concussions are cumulative. This should be fairly obvious, when you actually think about it. If your brain has been pre-tenderized, it’s going to be more susceptible to future concussions, and the ones you receive will be more severe. This means someone who’s had a few before will be knocked unconscious or killed far more easily than someone with a relatively healthy brain. Even then, it’s not like there’s a stable baseline of, “you can hit your head this hard before it kills you.”

Knocking someone unconscious for more than a few seconds is very bad news. If you’re knocking someone out for more than a minute, there’s going to be irreparable brain damage. (The specific threshold is usually around 30 seconds, but for each unique brain, there’s equally unique catastrophic brain damage.) So, you’ve, “safely,” reduced someone to a vegetable. More than a few minutes and you’ve (probably), “safely,” killed them.

So, what do you actually do when you need to be somewhere else and someone is intent on getting you to stick around? Knock them off balance and run. Sucker punches to the stomach are a good option. If unexpected, they’ll usually wind the victim, and give you a good head start. Knees to the gut are another classic. One common variation is to knee the gut, and when they double over, knee them again in the face. Slamming a door in the face, or knocking them to the ground are also excellent options. Really, there are a lot of options. The goal is to simply create an opening and escape. You don’t need to knock someone unconscious to do that. You really don’t want to knock someone unconscious to do that.


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Nissrine, a Moroccan girl, reads an application for a Dutch citizenship course. An alternative version of Johannes Vermeer’s painting Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window. Photo by Jan Banning.

“Xenophobia, especially Islamophobia, is rising in many European countries…I feel it is necessary to mobilize against such intolerance. My ‘National Identities’ series gives immigrants the main role, using them as models in my photographic variations on classic paintings.”

Anonymous asked:

How do you make a moment where a character says “Noooooooooooo” in despair NOT sound like a a moment where a character says “Noooooooooooo” in despair? I personally laugh at hearing the classic “Noooooooooooo” (or any variation) in movies, so I assume similar scenes are just as cliched and laughable in writing…

The way to avoid making a character in despair saying “Noooooo” not sound like a character in despair saying “Noooooo” is to just not write it. ;)

I’ve been around a while and I’ve seen my fair share of people in despair. I’ve been in despair myself, in fact, and I can’t recall a single time outside of the movies that I’ve ever actually witnessed someone calling out, “Nooooo!” in response to something terrible happening. Now, I’m not saying it never happens, but what I’m saying is what makes it cliche that it’s used so often you would think this was an hourly occurrence. So, the best way to avoid it is to just not do it.

Put on the ol’ brainstorming cap and think of other ways to illustrate this character’s despair. Isn’t there anything else they could say instead of “Nooooo!” maybe? Just some possibilities off the top of my head:

- “No! No, no, no. How? When?”

- “I–I can’t believe it.” Clara paled and slumped into her chair. “When did this happen? How many were lost?”

- “No! No,” Edmund choked out before bursting into tears.

- Andrea gasped. “No! Please, God, no!” 

See what I mean? There are lots of ways to illustrate a character’s despair that doesn’t rely on the overused “nooooo!” mechanism. ;)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!


Strauss - Don Quixote, Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character

Cervantes’ masterpiece in its entirety is just shy of a thousand pages. So when Strauss decided to set the work to music, instead of trying to tell the entire story, he opted for a tone poem in variation form to represent famous scenes from the book. The more I listen to Strauss’ tone poems, the more I feel that he would have been a great film music composer. I can hear his influence in a lot of popular action, sci fi, and fantasy movies. His scores are always animated and have a natural flow. It’s fun to follow along and “hear” all of the different characters and situations while listening to this piece [which you can easily enjoy without reading the program]. And in the usual Strauss style, it’s full of creative orchestral writing and unexpected harmonic turns. Also, this work is famous for having a solo cello which plays the “part” of Don Quixote, and the viola [for the most part] playing the role of Sancho Panza, making this piece a combination of a  tone poem, orchestral variations, and double concerto.


  1. Introduction: Mäßiges Zeitmaß. Thema mäßig. “Don Quichotte verliert über der Lektüre der Ritterromane seinen Verstand und beschließt, selbst fahrender Ritter zu werden” (“Don Quixote loses his sanity after reading novels about knights, and decides to become a knight-errant”)
  2. Theme: Mäßig. “Don Quichotte, der Ritter von der traurigen Gestalt” (“Don Quixote, knight of the sorrowful countenance”)
  3. Maggiore: “Sancho Panza”
  4. Variation I: Gemächlich. “Abenteuer an den Windmühlen” (“Adventure at the Windmills”)
  5. Variation II: Kriegerisch. “Der siegreiche Kampf gegen das Heer des großen Kaisers Alifanfaron” (“The victorious struggle against the army of the great emperor Alifanfaron”) [actually a flock of sheep]
  6. Variation III: Mäßiges Zeitmaß. “Gespräch zwischen Ritter und Knappen” (“Dialogue between Knight and Squire”)
  7. Variation IV: Etwas breiter. “Unglückliches Abenteuer mit einer Prozession von Büßern” (“Unhappy adventure with a procession of pilgrims”)
  8. Variation V: Sehr langsam. “Die Waffenwache” (“The knight’s vigil”)
  9. Variation VI: Schnell. “Begegnung mit Dulzinea” (“The Meeting with Dulcinea”)
  10. Variation VII: Ein wenig ruhiger als vorher. “Der Ritt durch die Luft” (“The Ride through the Air”)
  11. Variation VIII: Gemächlich. “Die unglückliche Fahrt auf dem venezianischen Nachen” (“The unhappy voyage in the enchanted boat”)
  12. Variation IX: Schnell und stürmisch. “Kampf gegen vermeintliche Zauberer” (“Battle with the magicians”)
  13. Variation X: Viel breiter. “Zweikampf mit dem Ritter vom blanken Mond” (“Duel with the knight of the bright moon”)
  14. Finale: Sehr ruhig. “Wieder zur Besinnung gekommen” (“Coming to his senses again” – Death of Don Quixote)

It took me so long to answer this OTL I have no freaking idea… I’m so sorry @titanlady

In my mind Adult!Shouto would maybe? have Endeavor’s body type eventually but he got his face from his mom I guess. And the Todoroki siblings have poor eyesight hence glasses. (Context: Shouto’s older sister Fuyumi wears glasses)

And he smiles more too :) (I just want him to smile more)

I added a few variations like classic frowning Shouto and no glasses and long-hair Shouto because why not. Choose your favorite Shouto!!

Adult!Kacchan | Adult!Deku


 WALT DISNEY AND PIXAR: intro logo and variations 

  1. classic logo
  2. new logo (2006 - 2011)
  3. current logo (2011 - […])


  1. chicken little (pt-brazil: o galinho chicken little)
  2. dinosaur (pt-brazil: dinossauro)
  3. toy story
  4. tron: legacy (pt-brazil: tron: o legado)
  5. prom (pt-brazil: a melhor festa do ano)
  6. into the woods (pt-brazil: caminhos da floresta)

Three old ladies were having caf together, discussing how wonderful and accomplished their sons are.

The first woman said, “My son is a soldier. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him ‘Sir’.

The second woman said, “Well, my son is a senator of the Galactic Republic. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, ‘My Lord’.”

The third woman said smugly, “My son is a Jedi Knight. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, ‘Master Jedi’.”

A fourth woman, dressed in the most outrageous red robes and sporting terrifying facial tattoos, spoke up from a table in the corner: “My son is a drop-dead handsome, 5-foot-9, hard-bodied Sith Lord. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, ‘OH MY GOD!!’”


Elgar - Enigma Variations

I usually write my own musings about works, but the description of this video was enlightening enough that I’m just going to share it here: 

“At the end of an overlong day laden with teaching and other duties, Edward Elgar lit a cigar, sat at his piano and began idling over the keys. To amuse his wife, the composer began to improvise a tune and played it several times, turning each reprise into a caricature of the way one of their friends might have played it or of their personal characteristics. “I believe that you are doing something which has never been done before,” exclaimed Mrs. Elgar. Thus was born one of music’s great works of original conception, and Elgar’s greatest large-scale “hit”: the Enigma Variations. The enigma is twofold: each of the 14 variations refers to a friend of Elgar’s, who is depicted by the nature of the music, or by sonic imitation of laughs, vocal inflections, or quirks, or by more abstract allusions. The other enigma is the presence of a larger “unheard” theme which is never stated but which according to the composer is very well known. The identity of the phantom tune left the world with the composer, and guesses have ranged from “God Save the King”, “Ein Feste Burg” and “Auld Lang Syne” to a simple major scale.” - olla-vogala

pixel-wiz  asked:

I'm writing a superhero story where one of the characters is a ballet dancer with the power to manipulate air and wind. What style of ballet would work best their power and work well with fans, their weapon of choice. I'm thinking something with a lot of spinning and fluid movements.

Adding to my question from earlier, I forgot to mention that my character is male. Also, are there any ballet styles that involve acrobatics such as flips or rolls?

Hi There!

The American school of classical ballet is renowned for more lively and powerful performances, but your description makes me think of Neoclassical and Contemporary ballet, which happen to include a lot of spins and flips. You know what else includes a lot of spins, flips and jumps? Folklore dance! (also called character dance)

Originally posted by polishcostumes

Fans are traditionally used in many folklore pieces, as well as in classical variations like in Don Quixote, The Nutcracker etc. but always by women, so I don’t think it can apply to your character and at the moment I can’t think of any piece where men use fans. 

If your character can manipulate air, he could use his power to land incredibly high and complex jumps or turn faster. I think it’s up to you and your character to figure out which style of dance best works with his abilities, personality, and weapon, it also depends on the connection that you decide to create between dance and fighting. Whatever the style, anyway, dance will definitely improve your character’s coordination, physical resistance, and agility.

Hope this helps!

Script Ballerina

Mercy Skins and Their Users
  • Classic: Either just bought the game or is trying to get back to the classic version.
  • Color variations: Only alternate skin they have, would lose it in a second if they got a decent epic.
  • Amber: They did not get Fortune and the golden-ish palette helps them cope.
  • Cobalt: Either fans of the color blue or it's the only epic skin they have. Would lose it in a second if they got a legendary.
  • Eidgenossin: They are Swiss. They like feeling special for owning skins that can't be bought. They want to show off how long they've been playing.
  • Fortune: They are always a slut for gold. The jade wings gave them heart palpitations when they first saw them. Either that or it is the only seasonal skin they have so they feel compelled to use it.
  • Valkyrie: They are really into Nordic legend and lore, or just a fan of some more practical battle armor. Small possibility users of this skin are white supremacists.
  • Sigrún: They are really into Nordic stuff. They have a thing for redheads.
  • Devil: They think turning a character named Angela Angel McAngelson into a devil is clever. Possible masochist, definitely battle Mercy.
  • Imp: Same as above, but made a Sonic OC once in their lifetime and say things like "cringe culture is fake". They think good design = candy-colored hair. They are right.
  • Witch: That one Halloween wallpaper of Mercy seductively sitting on a broom gave them a week's worth of wet dreams and a sexual awakening. Fantasy lovers. Possible sadists. Think this skin is the best skin in the game. They are right.
  • Combat Medic Ziegler: They play the game for lore. Most likely only equip the newest skins. Want to stroke her vanilla-pudding ass hair for some reason. Tend to spam her 'you're welcome' voice line after healing the spamming Genji, and 'sometimes I'm not sure why I even bother' voice line when their team gets wiped even after her five-man rez.