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So I recently bought my first ever Silkstone Barbie, and I really love her. I never had much interest in Silkstones before, but last year they came out with this new articulated body and I’ve wanted one ever since. The earlier Classic Black Dress Barbie with blonde hair (the one I really wanted) has been sold out for awhile and I didn’t want to pay eBay prices, so I settled on the newer brunette version not expecting to like her as much, but her hair and faceup have really grown on me and I love her now.

Her articulation is pretty good but not great–she can’t move her wrists as much as I’d like, which prevents her from doing a real hand-on-the-hip pose (what you see in the 4th photo was about as close as I could get), and her elbow joints are rather awkward-looking. For $40 though, I think her quality is good and I like that she feels very heavy and sturdy. Her dress is nicely made, plus that hairstyle is just impeccable.

I wasn’t a big fan of her boots because I felt like they were too winter-y for her sleeveless dress, so I bought an old Barbie Basics accessory pack for her on eBay, which included 5 pairs of shoes, the wrap, and some other little accessories. The last pair with the laces are definitely my favorite, and she’s going to be staying in them now because they were a bitch to tie on 😛

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)
“The Bohemian” (1890)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

The subject is a model employed by Bouguereau for this and other paintings, including “The Shepherdess.”

Classic style

Carven coat with Sandro blazer and Zara turtleneck sweater.

Carven is a very old French fashion house after the war. His style is oriented more towards the classic rediscovered it to perfection. This coat was purchased on the site Mr Porter, it is well cut, hot, though a little heavy and I love this little synthetic fur collar that makes all the difference.