classical loli


Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself. But here’s a few suggestions just in case. :) Besides, if you use ‘lolita’ in the tags your blog will come up among porny results and you’ll be invisible to people who use save search.

  • Arisu kei (Alice style)
  • Otona arisu (adult Alice)
  • Alice à la mode
  • Rorita
  • Amarori (sweet loli)
  • Gosurori (goth loli)
  • Pankurori (punk loli)
  • Kurarori (classic loli)
  • EGL
  • Quaintrelle
  • Neo victorian/rococo/georgian/edwardian etc
  • Harajuku style

If you have any suggestions or thoughts feel free to share :)

DR Artbook Translation: Evaluation of Chihiro's Character

NaegiIshimaruTogamiMondoLeonYamadaHagakureSayakaKirigiriAsahinaFukawaSyoSakuraCeles, Junko, Chihiro.

Text in upper corner:  Faint-hearted and humble, Fujisaki wants to become someone who could protect others. Mustering up all their courage in a small body, no sooner than the condition of their inevitable death will they do things like giving up?!

  • Togami: Like a rock by the side of the road.
  • Ishimaru: You must be more firm!
  • Naegi: She’s so little and cute….
  • Sayaka: I’m so jealous of that petite figure.
  • Kirigiri: It’s a complete transformation, isn’t it.
  • Aoi: Come swim with me!
  • Syo: Agh, I’m developing some crush!
  • Sakura: Even one step on a long road is motion.
  • Celes: She is someone who battles on in difficult circumstances.
  • Junko: Let me lend you some clothes sometime~ [I… want to see this, so bad]
  • Monokuma: A classic little loli!
  • Hagakure: She has a surprisingly low voice, huh.
  • Yamada: Ah, it’s the bokukko! [anime term for a girl who uses the more masculine pronoun “boku”; usually they’re tomboys. ruispatonki fixed this one for me, many thanks!!!]
  • Leon: Could you bring me some tea? I’m kidding!
  • Mondo: It’s a man’s promise!