classical iranian music

I remember back around 2011 I played on a minecraft server full of people from krautchan who would meticulously create whole towns and cities and roleplay nations. I would often raid an “oil rig” kind of mining colony out in the ocean conveniently close to my barbaric settlement. They had chests there they foolishly did not keep user protected and would put some precious resources in. I’d go in the middle of the night by boat and sneak carefully through the building which descended into underwater caves, listening to classical Iranian music. I think they pretty quickly caught on to my stealthy piracy and finally protected their chests, which forced me to go on a long expedition to the further edges of the ocean seeking inexperienced players to steal from (I wasn’t about to settle down and become some urbanite or farmer after all). I found some small settlements - rude, bizarre homes to be expected of the fringe of players, but nothing valuable nor any active players. I ended up on a kind of spirit journey in the far-flung ocean, surrounded by mist, supplies low. Eventually I had no choice but to stop on a large enough island complex and reduce myself to subsistence living until I would make the journey back home. I’m not sure if I really invested much into the game after that.