classical cooking

  • Me, drinking tea: Just gonna read this book for class, make some nice notes, maybe highlight a little bit, and then organize my room while listening to classical music and possibly cook some dinner
  • Me, drinking coffee: Alright, time to speed-read through five assignments, write a 2500 word paper, do three loads of laundry, forget to eat, and cry a little bit while jamming out to My Chemical Romance

how to deal with a month-long hiatus: make logos, apparently

i spent many hours working on these so please do not repost, share on social media without crediting me, etc. 

also I’ve seen many people talking about wanting shirts/posters/stickers with these: unfortunately unless one of the night vale people sees these and decides they’d like to use them for official merch, that won’t be happening. if you do see anybody selling items with these designs, they are not mine and not official, please report that person and also let me know.

ID #22824

Name: Keo
Age: 22 (23 soon)
Country: France

Hi everyone ! So I’m Keo, I’m 22 (23 in august) and I live in the south-west of France. I pretty curious about having a penpal and I’m willing to try :)

So what can I say…I did 4 years in an animation/video games school ( Dragon Age is probably my favorite game btw), then 1 semester studying archeology and now I return to art school to be an illustrator. I was born in Vietnam, I enjoy arts (drawings, paintings, dance, music…everything). I like to learn about history (from the new archeological discoveries to why a castle is named a certain way to how a nation evolved), I also like to read (mostly fantasy, but my favorite books are old french classics), cook… I like to wonder about paranormal stuff, and discover things about other cultures ! So feel free to share yours with me !

I’d prefer to exchange via e-mail, or tumblr -be warned I reblog A LOT of various things from politics, to art, to memes-, because I will surely respond quicker(but letters are fine too) !

Note : I will be in Vietnam for 2 months and a half until August, so if you want to contact me, do it via e-mail during this time !

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to someone from ages 18 to 30 :)

Did you know that Jon Bon Jovi gave Steve Perry the famous moniker that Perry is still called to this day?? JBJ named Steve Perry “The Voice” (long before that TV show) because Steve Perry’s voice is the best and most recognized of rock music (and Perry is the most talented & versatile vocalist in music history).

Steve Perry of Journey and Jon Bon Jovi singing 2 covers of Steve Perry’s favourite singer, Sam Cooke. “Bring It On Home” and “Reach Out” at the Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco, California, USA on April 30, 1989.

bisexuality is watching the mae young classic bracketology and dying because all of these women are amazing and beautiful and my god, their voices, my poor gay heart can’t fuckin take this

and then checking your tumblr dash, seeing that roman reigns made reference to his dick, and then FUCKING DYING AGAIN because how dare you, roman, oh my god

ID #42169

Name: Leticia
Age: 18
Country: Spain

Hi! My name is Leticia, although most people call me Leti so you can go with whichever you prefer.
I am currently finishing the first year of medicine at college in Madrid. I would love to have a penpal with whom I could talk about anything, about my day, about the secrets of the universe or just how much it sucked my day. Or maybe about how badly I want to eat pizza.

I’m the kind of person who loves to talk, who writes a lot, gets excited with small things and will keep writing after a long time.

Also something I love about having a pen pal is that you get to know someone a lot, and how is really life in the country they live, and I don’t know, that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who lives miles away from you than those who are right here.

My interests include reading, like Harry Potter, Shatter me, the classics, the name of the wind… Music: like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Dodie Clark, Ed Sheeran

I love to cook, art, people who know when to stop arguing, rain, long walks…
I don’t like people who don’t own up to their mistakes, artichokes, things that are done carelessly.

I would love to snail mail with my penpal, but email is good too :)

Preferences: Maybe just that you are around my age, 18 or more. Also someone who is open minded and respectful.