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I may have posted this 1970 Chevelle before, but it’s a gorgeous car with a lot of options. Take a look at the placard. The owner said he’ll sell it too. LS-5 454 / 360 horsepower, turbo 400 automatic transmission, 3.31 gearing with a 12-bolt, vinyl roof, air conditioning and power windows and locks. Of course, a “bitchin’ red” paint job (GM cranberry red). The flag is on the truck behind the Chevelle.

An Epitaph for Achilles’ Son

Ausonius, Epitaphia heroum qui bello Troico interfuerunt 9 “Pyrrho”

Notes: “the middle of the world”: Orestes killed Pyrrhus/Neoptolemus at Delphi, where a stone known as the omphalos marked what was thought to be the geographic center of the world.  “the spoils of a king”: Priam.

I am buried at the middle of the world-
I who showed greater valor
Than my father did, for I,
Pyrrhus, still a boy,
Won the spoils of a king.
Wicked Orestes slew me
Before the altars, by trickery-
But why be shocked? Already
He was mad from his mother’s murder.

Orbe tegor medio, maior virtute paterna,
    quod puer et regis Pyrrhus opima tuli.
Impius ante aras quem fraude peremit Orestes-
    quid mirum? caesa iam genetrice furens.

Pyrrhus and Andromache before Hector’s Tomb, Johan Ludwig Lund, between 1807 and 1811


I enjoyed seeing this 1971 Dodge yesterday at a local carshow. My first car (in 1978) was a ‘72 Nova, so as a teenager I came up against '71 Dodges, such as the car pictured, racing from redlight to redlight. This car is a 340 and has an automatic. I assume the differential is in the low 3.00 range. Nice looking car and a lot of memories brought back.


Another post of the 1963 Fulie Corvette originally purchased by John Gotti of mafia fame. This car was originally silver and Gotti had it painted. It has a modified 327 that Gotti had done so he could race it. This 4-speed car sat in a backyard in Florida for 37 years until it was frame-off restored by it current and only 3rd owner.