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The signs as miscellaneous movies (use sun, moon, and dominant sign)

Aries: ferris beuller’s day off\inventive, adventurous, cunning, questionable, sassy older sister friend

Taurus: Leon the professional//dislikes change, grounded, sophisticated, pleasing, fashionable, responsible dad-friend

Gemini: parent trap; grown ups\ clever, intelligent, unsure, weird emo cousin-friend

Cancer: mama Mia !// sensible, welcoming, big-hearted, individuality, conflictive, mom-friend

Leo: Heathers\active (mentally or physically), magnetic, moody, determined, dramatic, vodka mom-friend

Virgo: titanic// elegant, rebel with a cause, aesthetic, timeless, unique mom-friend

Libra: The Great Gatsby;Moonrise Kingdom\ extravagant, ethereal, intellectual, passionate, troubled, wine aunt- friend

Scorpio: Pulp Fiction// intense, alluring, classic, loving, flighty, barbecue dad-friend

Sagittarius: Scary Movie Series\ humorous, light-hearted, dad-friend, chaotic

Capricorn: The Wolf of Wall Street// goal-oriented, transparent ( can see right through people), closed off ( people cannot see through to their motives or emotions), thorough, can be careless, specific taste, bourbon uncle-friend

Aquarius: Napoleon Dynamite\ extravagant thinkers, is ‘known’ for something peculiar, easily captivated, aloof, kind-hearted, weed cousin-friend

Pisces: The breakfast club// self-doubt, indecisions, secretly calculating and cunning, knowledgeable, no self awareness or too much of it, day-dreamers, generally creative, celestial, unmotivated, younger brother-friend

“If he was a...” : Baekhyun

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if he was a month…: he’d be July. scorching summers, joy, sunlight, easiness. all the heat and fiery fun you can imagine. 

if he was a day…: he’d be Friday. everyone’s attracted to the excitement of what’s to come. tgif. 

if he was a planet…: he’d be Mercury. all about intuition and communication. a thinker. stimulates the mind in whichever way it wants. 

if he was a god/goddess…: he’d be Loki. the wily trickster god of Norse mythology. teasing, witty. defies the laws of nature, a shapeshifter. 

if he was a sea animal…: he’d be a dolphin. playful and sassy. intelligent and trustworthy. 

if he was a piece of furniture…: he’d be a drawer. that one drawer we all have with our miscellaneous belongings. 

if he was a gemstone…: he’d be a Sapphire. commonly associated with peace and happiness. believed to help with communication, insight and inspiration. 

if he was a flower...: he’d be a Hyacinth. symbolizes playfulness, mischief. beautiful in a unique way. 

if he was a natural phenomenon/weather…: he’d be a sun shower. bright yet odd. confusing and magnificent. up to interpretation. multiple meanings hidden beneath a layer a light. 

if he was a color…: he’d be sunset orange. light yet dark. ending of one, beginning of another. warm and toasty. attractive and fuzzy. 

if he was a feeling or emotion…: he’d be sarcastic. full of playful banter. borderline offensive and humorous. 

if he was a fruit…: he’d be a lemon. sweet and bitter. classic yet constantly being reinvented. evolving. 

if he was an element…: he’d be fire. influencing and vibrant. blazing hot and powerful. like a moth drawn to a flame. 

if he was a place…: he’d be a mall. vibrant and buzzing with life. loud, obnoxious in the best of ways. transforming, growing. 

if he was a taste…: he’d be sour. tangy, sugar coated flavors. take with precaution. 

if he was a scent…: he’d be vanilla. comforting, warm, soft. classic. multiple forms. inviting, alluring. 

if he was a body part…: he’d be vocal chords. nonstop sounds vibrating from the inside. strong, intense, strained. 

if he was a pair of shoes…: he’d be flip-flops. easygoing, colorful. flexible, convenient. 

The Catcher in the Rye

This book fascinates me on the one hand (presumably because everyone knows a Holden Caulfield) on the other hand, however, I find Salinger’s narrative unmoving and also the story is not really original. Despite everything, I would recommend it, simply because it seems to me as if every teenager on their way to adulthood makes similar decisions as Holden. 4 STARS!!


Hi guys, sorry I’ve been neglecting my inbox (…and this blog generally) lately. Emma Hart as Circe is just the head shot. Most paintings of her are done by George Romney, to whom she was introduced by the man who suggested she change her name to Emma Hart (she was born Amy Lyon, but changed it to Emma Lyon herself). They are mostly classical scenes, in a style she came up with living in Naples:

Emma developed what she called her “Attitudes” or Mimoplastic art, using Romney’s idea of combining classical poses with modern allure as the basis for her act. Emma had her dressmaker make dresses modelled on those worn by peasant islanders in the Bay of Naples, and the loose-fitting garments she often wore when modelling for Romney. She would pair these tunics with a few large shawls or veils, draping herself in folds of cloth and posing in such a way as to evoke popular images from Greco-Roman mythology

And without further ado, Emma Hart.

Emma by George Romney, c. 1785

Portrait of Emma Hart, Later Lady Hamilton by George Romney, c. 1780s

Emma as a Bacchante by George Romney, 1785

Emma as a Bacchante by George Romney, c. 1785

Lady Hamilton as Ariadne by Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1790

Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, by Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1790–1791

Lady Hamilton as The Magdalene by George Romney, before 1792

Lady Emma Hamilton, as Cassandra by George Romney, c. 1780s

Love-à-la-Mode, or Two Dear Friends

An early 19th-century caricature by James Gillray, reportedly depicting a scandalous rumour told about Emma, Lady Hamilton (Nelson’s mistress), and Queen Maria Carolina of Naples (presumably the woman on the left, who seems to be wearing some kind of coronet or crown beneath the feathers in her headdress). Emma has taken off her bonnet and put it on the bench. Two men spy out the situation in some distaste, from behind the bushes.

One lady to the other: “Little does he imagine that he has a female rival” Gentleman in nautical uniform (Nelson?) “What is to be done to put a stop to this disgraceful Business?”


“Fun 8DM” chandelier, made of mother-of-pearl and designed by Verner Panton for Verpan, 1964. 

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Few inspiring gorgeous ceiling-lamps, from classic and midcentury to contemporary design, to turn the decor of your home ever up-to-date!

1-“Fun 8DM” chandelier, made of mother-of-pearl and designed by Verner Panton for Verpan, 1964. 

2- A classic midcentury ceiling-lamp can give your decor a great personality! 

3- Three different kinds of George Nelson Bubbles, juxtaposed to create a single chandelier. The “Bubbles Lamps” line  was designed by George Nelson for Howard Miller in 1947. He was so avant-garde to create in the 40s, something still so modern. 

5- Modernist Danish style: the PH Artichoke Pendant was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958 and produced by Louis Poulsen. It comes in copper, wet painted white or brushed stainless steel, in 3 different sizes and its leaves, reproducing the ones of an artichoke, are laser-cut steel to produce shape lines reflective of “Modernism”. 

4/6- A classic chandelier can be used to decorate your home to give it a cool classic allure as well as to be mixed with modern and vintage elements and make it contemporary. 

7-Contemporary style with a vintage twist:  chandelier designed by lighting designer Lindsey Adelman, to give your home a sophisticated, chic and stylish touch. 

8- Pendant lamp Nuvole Vagabonde Pendant lamp: vintage design by Martinelli Luce. 

9- Mid-century Italian lamp by Stilnovo.