Signs as music genres
  • Aries: Classical
  • Taurus: Pop
  • Gemini: Alternative
  • Cancer: Classic rock
  • Leo: Techno
  • Virgo: Cool Jazz
  • Libra: Country
  • Scorpio: Metal
  • Sagittarius: Basically everything
  • Capricorn: Hip-Hop
  • Aquarius: Rock
  • Pisces: Punk Pop/Rock

Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D, mov. 1 [arr. for erhu]

Had to break my “don’t sign in on Tumblr at work” promise to share this find


Reich - Octet, “Eight Lines”

I listened to this on the train the other day, slowly rolling into the city. After just a few minutes in, you start to lose sense of any melody and only notice the color and rhythm [as with most Reich pieces]