New Release! Rogue Trooper: Tales Of Nu Earth vol.4

Rogue Trooper returns in this latest volume which includes the best post-Traitor General and pre-Friday story ever published, the excellent Cinnabar (Progs624-35,29Apr-15Jul'89). From the vivid imagination of script droid, John Smith (Indigo Prime, Devlin Waugh) with stunning art from Steve Dillon (Judge Dredd, Hellblazer) & Kevin Walker (ABC Warriors, Thunderbolts).

Also featuring, all of the original Rogue Trooper (post-Friday) adventures published to date, from some of the hottest names in comics today, including: Andy Diggle (The Losers), Ian Edgington (Scarlet Traces), Mark Millar (Kick Ass), as well as the return of original artists, Dave Gibbons and Colin Wilson & much, much more..