Sappho and Phaon, 1809, by Jacques-Louis David

In the painting we see the Ancient Greek poetess Sappho and her beloved, Phaon. Cupid, who holds out to Sappho a lyre (emblem of music and poetry), symbolizes the idea of love as a source of creative inspiration. On Sappho’s knees is a scroll with a Greek inscription, the first lines of her First Ode: dedicated to Phaon. The historically convincing depiction of Classical attire, shoes and details in the interior is combined with a sentimental, lyrical interpretation of loving harmony, revealed in the languid voluptuousness of the poses, and even such traditional metaphors for love as the pair of kissing doves and the two trees in the landscape.

Kisses, Ice Cream, and Admissions.

Summary: You and your husband skip out on an Oscars week party to go loiter in a grocery store. At the end of the night, you reveal some news you’ve been keeping for a while. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

A/N: I started this like five hours ago and I finished it really quickly. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but I just today thought of tying it into Oscars week festivities. 

ALSO, I did want to post something today because I wanted to tide you guys over. I said previously I was going to take part in the @hamwriters Write-a-thon, but I just found out that the week for the celebration is going to be filled with some exams, prior commitments, and traveling and I will no longer be able to participate. So, for the next two weeks, this will probably be the last fic I post. I thank you all for reading this and reading ANY of my fics - you’re all greatly appreciated. I’m terribly sorry about the write-a-thon. (I would queue up my fics, but they aren’t even written yet (yes, I procrastinate) so I just can’t participate at all.)

Words: 2,954 

Warnings: Mild cursing, mild make-out scene, and general lack of knowledge about Oscars stuff or if there even are Oscars week parties(??)

So, without further ado, enjoy this fic! 

You felt like you were watching your life out of someone’s else eyes. You raised your eyes above the crowd that surrounded you and connected eyes with your husband. He caught your look at the same time and stopped mid-sentence to smile at you. The sight of his grin warmed your body, reminding you of the way you felt as a child in the summertime sun when it touched every inch of your being and made your soul giggle with giddiness. You vacantly returned to the complacent conversation taking place right in front of you, nodding at the right moments and laughing politely at the rest. It was another story in another place, part of your husband’s Oscars week parties. You’d happily agreed to accompany him on all of his trips, as you wanted to show him off just as much as he wanted to show you off.

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Houndstooth on houndstooth.

Suit: H&M - $40 on clearance

Shirt: J.Crew Factory - $17.50 on clearance

Pocket square: Handmade from a tie - $2 thrifted

Shoes: Hawthorne Classics - $9 used on

Seriously, what are these hands?

There’s a ton of scenes in SA2 where those hands appear behind the camera and animate for about a second. The files they show up in are mostly used to show time stamps before in-stage cutscenes such as the ones before Knuckles stages.

The full animation (Timestamp scenes are too short) can be viewed in the scene used for the ending picture with Shadow. They kind of hover around, then one points its finger and the animation ends with them both opened up.

The textures indicate that the hands belong to Sonic, as all of these scenes include Sonic’s textures (In the classic shoes).

Sonic does similar hand movements in the E3 trailer, but there’s some differences there.

Not only is that the wrong hand he’s pointing with, the movements are also timed quite differently (holds the point longer) to the hands hidden behind the camera.