Sunday Morning

Summary: A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved. Bucky x Reader 

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a bit. It’s basically the feel-good romance no one ever expected me to write (me included) 

 Words: ~2900

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Bucky used to love Sunday mornings. They were meant for sleeping in, for curling against the soft, tender body that slept next to him.

They’d had five years of Sunday mornings, of her soft sighs in his ear as she stirred from her sleep, bright green eyes blinking sleepily up at him as he kissed her plush, pink lips. Five years of Sunday mornings, of making coffee in a pair of boxers; of her arms wrapping around him from behind, a soft cheek against his bare back. Five years of Sunday mornings, of sitting at the breakfast bar in their pajamas, her thumb wiping jelly off the corners of his mouth.

Five years of Sunday mornings, wasted.

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Pairing - Tattoo!Bucky x Reader Modern AU

Prompt - Tattoo Shop

Summary - You’re dying to get your first tattoo but your anxiety has other plans. Could your new neighbor be the answer to all your problems?

Warnings - n/a, just adorable fluff, y’all should be used to that by now!

Word Count - 3483

Notes - Created for @bionic-buckyb AU writing challenge! Congrats on 5K Kait!
I’ve got lots of thank yous to hand out:  To @angryschnauzer for creating this amazing tattoo!Bucky moodboard for me, to @the-witching-hours12-3 for all of her help with my tattoo questions because I am clueless, to @dianelogan for always encouraging me and reading my stuff, to @bucky-plums-barnes for creating punk edits of Seb (links to originals HERE and HERE) that I stumbled upon and happily used for inspiration, and to the slo-mo tattoo video from Smarter Every Day for helping me visualize some very important details.

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“I don’t think I can do this…” No way were you gonna be able to hide the nervousness in your voice, especially not from your best friend.

“Come on, (Y/N). You’ve been talking about getting a tattoo for ages, now is the time! I promised you a birthday surprise and this is it. I’m paying for the tattoo AND I’m here for moral support, you can totally do this.” Nat was practically dragging you down the street as you began to feel more and more anxious about what was about to happen.

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21 of Karlie Kloss’s Favorite Things

Anyone who follows Karlie Kloss on Instagram knows that the supermodel lives the ultimate glam life. But when she isn’t busy walking the runway for designers like Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs or traveling the world for fashion shoots, InStyle’s June cover star keeps things real. She spends her down time working out, cooking, and coding (a passion that led her to develop Kode with Klossy, a program that teaches girls to become leaders in technology). And as with everything she does, Kloss makes it all look effortless.

With access to the best of the best—in terms of fashion, beauty, food, you name it—we wanted to know what Kloss currently covets most. Scroll down for 21 of her favorite things.

“Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.”

“L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara.”

“Post Ranch Inn Big Sur.”

“My Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s super chic and classic.”


“‘Green Light’ by Lorde and ‘Classic’ by The Knocks.”

“Anything Solid & Striped.” 

“Egg Shop in NYC.”

“Manolo Blahnik’s classic black pump.”

“A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman.”

“A Joanna Vargas facial.”

“Samsung 360 Camera.”

“Adidas by Stella McCartney gear.”

“Paris or Sydney.”

“A cotton t-shirt from the Express Karlie Collection.”

“L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Nude Lipcolor in Eva’s Nude.”

“A Vitamix!”

“FRAME denim’s Karlie Forever Distressed Skinny Jeans.”

“Carolina Hererra ‘Good Girl.’”

“Anything with hot sauce.”



So this started out as a Drarry Advent drabble but turned into a full blown Muggle Au Barista!Harry story and I loved it too much to wait until December to post it.  This is for my lovely @justanotherdrarryblog who loves coffee and barista!Harry.

Read it below or HERE on AO3.

Title: Some Like It Hot

Word Count: 2500

It has been an unbelievably busy day, Harry thinks to himself as he takes a deep breath and foams the milk for what feels like his one thousandth latte of the day.

“Hang in there, Harry. Just half an hour more and we’re off for the day,” Ron says good-naturedly, clapping him on the back as he passes him by, heading towards the register.

“Easy for you to say mate,” Harry responds with a shake of his head.  Ron doesn’t say anything, just waggles his eyebrows at Harry who sticks his tongue out when no one is looking before going back to making the coffee.

He reaches his right hand out towards the stack of drink cups waiting to be made, picking up the empty paper cup closest to him, ready for his next order.  But as he reads the side he can’t help but frown a bit at the ridiculously long list of instructions on the side of the cup which read - 4 shots, whole milk only, two shots of hazelnut syrup, one shot of vanilla syrup, half a pump of classic (added before the shots), extra hot, add whipped cream.

As quickly as possible he fills the order, trying not to make much of a face when he yells out “Draco, your order is ready”, as he sets the drink on the small counter.  He can’t help but wonder what the hell kind of name Draco is anyway. 

“Did you follow the instructions specifically?” He hears a voice utter, with a rather posh accent.

“Of course I did. I do know how to read,” he replies automatically, unable to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, and not even bothering to look up until he hears a rather loud tut tut.

“Gracious me, what kind of manners are they teaching their employees to have here? The customer is always right you know.”

Harry finally looks up at that, an annoyed frown marring his features as he takes in the man in front of him. He can’t stop himself from looking him up from head to foot, taking in his perfectly tailored suit and fancy shoes to the way his impossibly blond hair falls softly into his grey eyes, such a strong juxtaposition to his otherwise rigid look. As Harry stares he can’t help but wonder how it’s possible to be so pale, and if hair that blonde is even natural. He’s all sharp angles with his pronounced jawline and sharp eyebrows, and he is so ridiculously handsome and put together all it does it make Harry grumpier.

“See something you like?” The man says with a laugh, raising his eyebrow to smirk at him and Harry has the decency to blush crimson.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Right, course you don’t. See you tomorrow coffee boy,” he says, raising his drink to his mouth and winking at Harry as he takes his first sip.

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Me: Hi, what can I get for you today?“
Customer: Venti cold brew.”
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have any cold brew right now…how about an ice coffee and then I add however many shots of espress–“
Customer: well can you make some cold brew?” (Clearly irritated that we ran out of the product)

Me: I can, but it’s going to take 24 hours.“
Customer: ugh, whatever. Give me a tall soy chai with no foam, extra hot, and two pumps of classic.”

Me: *writes it all on the cup* “your name, ma'am?”
Customer: No, thank you.“
Me: *writes it on the cup.*

I’ll have you all know that Severus really like Starbucks and has the most complicated order of all time,,, where he is like

“ah! yes! I would like a 2/3 caff triple ristretto affogato venti, 2 pump mango 1 pump classic, 2%, mango to the second line, 3 scoops protein, 3 scoops berries, 2 scoop matcha, add banana, double blended, with whip, caramel drizzle, salted caramel topping, vanilla bean frappuccino.”

i am nothing but a messenger of the truth here and this is a fact about Severus snape.


Hello everyone! It’s been some time since my last post and you will soon understand why.

First the good news 😊 I got my replacement to my damaged classic high heels 🎉 . Thanks to all of you for the time you took to give me your opinion on which pair to buy. You were right: classic rules and can fit to any outfit. So, happy to share with you my new classic black leather 10cm high heels by Guess. I’m already in love and from the few minutes I could judge when trying them, they were very comfortable too😍.
Thanks to all for your precious advice
I wish you a wonderful weekend!😘

Premise: The team is in a pickle. Sonic is bent on going ‘solo’ against his enemies and complete his own adventures, there was apparently some ‘dispute’ that created this tense circumstance between him and Amy Rose. The team hasn’t addressed what it was yet, but when a portal to another world appeared, and this new mysterious power called Infinite began to side with Eggman’s new reign over the world; more than ever do they need Sonic to work with them to preserve the world and join forces together!

Sonic Forces Prompt: (Some Sonamy?)
(originally meant to be a collab, so whoever wants to- they can finish this prompt! -SEND ME A LINK IF YOU DO I’D BE PUMPED-)

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On this day in music history: November 10, 1978 - “Holy Ghost” by The Bar-Kays is released. Written by Henderson Thigpen, Eddie Marion and James Banks, it is the twentieth single release for the R&B/Funk band from Memphis, TN. Enjoying both triumph and tragedy, The Bar-Kays are rightfully acknowledged as soul survivors. After the loss of Ronnie Caldwell, Phalon Jones, Carl Cunningham and Jimmy King, all of whom perish with singer Otis Redding in a plane crash in December of 1967, it initially seems that the band is over. However, bassist James Alexander who had been traveling on another plane, and trumpeter Ben Cauley, the lone survivor of the crash, rebuild The Bar-Kays with new members. The reformed band includes Harvey Henderson (saxophone), Michael Toles (guitar) Ronnie Gorden (organ), and Willie Hall (drums). Former Temprees vocalist Larry Dodson joins the band in 1970 becoming their lead singer. They undergo numerous line up changes, while scoring hits on the R&B charts including “Son Of Shaft”. By 1975, their label Stax Records is in major trouble, due to mismanagement and a disastrous alliance with CBS Records, seals the venerable R&B label’s fate. In the Fall of that year, The Bar-Kays record several songs including a funky mid tempo groove titled “Holy Ghost”. Featuring Larry Dodson’s fiery lead vocals, a couple of versions are recorded. Before the album can be completed, Stax is involuntarily forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 19, 1975, abruptly shuttered and all of its assets are seized on January 12, 1976. Suddenly without a record label, The Bar-Kays are at loose ends, but quickly bounce back and are signed to Mercury Records, where they enjoy even greater success. Though with the demise of Stax Records, it makes a surprising re-dux, with The Bar-Kays as unlikely flag bearers. After Stax’s assets are liquidated, the label’s famed catalog eventually sees the light of day again. In 1978, Stax is purchased by Berkeley, CA based Fantasy Records. Going through the tapes, Fantasy discovers The Bar-Kays unfinished album (titled “Money Talks”) from 1975, completing it with outside studio musicians. Among the songs that receive additional post production overdubs is “Holy Ghost”, released just before their third Mercury album “Light Of Life”. Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, “Holy Ghost” becomes an R&B smash, peaking at #9 on the Billboard R&B chart in early 1979, out charting all three of the bands recent Mercury singles. Also released as an extended 12" single, it becomes a sensation on the dance floor in part due to its extended timbale break. That breakdown also becomes a favored break beat by Hip Hop DJ’s and becomes a crate staple. The song and the band are also name checked on The Sugarhill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight” later in 1979. It’s also sampled on M/A/R/R/S’ classic “Pump Up The Volume”, the Beastie Boys “Hey Ladies” and Def Jef’s “Give It Here” to name a few.

6/17: you can't be serious

Me: Hey, what can I get for you today? :)

Customer: I want a venti ice coffee with 32 pumps of classic and light ice and heavy cream.

Me: (wtf is this dumbass wanting?!) Sure! I’ll have to charge for the extra syrup though. :)

Customer: yeah okay whatever they don’t charge me at any other store.

Me: yes sir, I understand but due to us being licensed we do have to charge extra after 8 pumps. We are suppose charge 50 cents for every pump but we just do it for every three. :)

Customer: so this isn’t a real Starbucks? I’m not paying two more dollars! Your manager told me I did not have to the other day.

Me: Sir my manager has been on vacation for the past week. Was there anyone else working that you can remember?

Customer: yeah some blonde guy.

Me: Sir, no men work in our front. I’m sorry if there is any confusion with another store but I do have to charge for the extra.

Customer: no I’m not paying for extra

Me: okay so I can do 8 pumps of classic without charging, will that be okay?

Customer: No! I want 32 pumps! I’m not paying extra!

Me: sir, I have to charge because that is an excessive amount.

Customer: you’re not a real barista. They don’t charge me at a real Starbucks. This isn’t real. I’m not paying for the extra.

Me: so 8 pumps is alright?

Customer: I want 32 fucking pumps of classic.

Me: sir I will have to charge for that. I’m sorry but this is our policy

The customer storms off and that my friends is how i ended a 9 hour shift.

New Years - Lucas friar

👑Requested : yes

so could it be where it’s at new year’s and the reader is once again taking Riley’s place and they’re playing the couples game and Lucas is getting jealous as the reader is with Charlie and the reader still likes Lucas and farkle keeps saying stuff(like he does with Riley) and yeah basically that episode😂


I changed the plot a little bit I hope you don’t mind:) I just didn’t want the reader to be Riley but everything Lucas says and does towards Riley will be towards Y/n if that makes any sense Y/n will be with an OC named Jackson instead of Charlie Gardner and Riley is not in the triangle ( I’m so confusing I’m sorry)

“Hey Jackson , whatcha got there?” Y/n asked , seeing Jackson walk over with a board game in his hands.

“It’s the couples game, wanna play? ” he smiled. Lucas stepped in before she could reply.

“What is it?” He asked , a competitive kind of look on his face. Y/n looked between the two boys that she had very different feelings for.

“Shows if you’d be a good couple or not. Wanna play?” Jackson smirked. Lucas glared.

“No!” Riley , Y/n, and Maya , chorused.

“What’s wrong Lucas? Scared?” Jackson challenged.

“No , I’m not scared of anything let’s go!” Jackson turned to Y/n with a smile.

“Y/n I think you’ll find this interesting, wanna be my partner?” He asked and she accepted. Everyone paired up together and they sat around the table. Charlie and Riley went first.

“What is your partners favorite movie snack? I know this , it’s popcorn and licorice!” She smiled , Charlie answered then it was Lucas and Maya’s turn.

“How would you describe your personality? Library or camp fire? Oh, well you know…” He shoved the card in his mouth. Everyone gave him a strange look , except for Y/n. Maya took out a card.

“Is it possible to love two people at the same time?” Y/n’s eyes widened and she looked down , feeling farkles eyes burning holes into her head. Maya copied Lucas and shoved the card into her mouth. Farkle and smackle took their turn and then it was Y/n and jacksons turn.

“What is your partners order at a coffee shop?” Y/n read. “He gets a venti vanilla bean frappé. ” she smiled. Jackson then answered.

“When she orders from Starbucks she automatically gets really quiet and cute , and -” “She doesn’t even know she does.” Lucas interrupted. Jackson rolled his eyes.

“It’s not your turn friar! ” he growled.

“And that wasn’t the question sanders! What’s her or-”

“tall iced coffee -”

“Yeah but-”

“in a grande cup with extra ice, 3 pumps hazelnut, 2 pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and a venti straw. ”

“But what-”

“She pays extra because she feels bad about giving them a complicated order.” Jackson smirked. Lucas growled.

“He’s like a creepy creep creep!” He exclaimed. Riley and Charlie got the last question.

“Have you ever kept a secret from someone you love?”

“GAME OVER!” Y/n laughed nervously and stood.

“Why? Because you know secrets are dangerous?” Farkle said smugly and Y/n glared at him.

“No, Farkle, because it’s almost midnight.” She said matter of factly. He smirked.

“ and you know what happens at midnight. She groaned and grabbed him by his sweater .

"Okay it’s time to go up to the roof!” She grabbed her coat and everyone followed behind them.

When she got up to the roof she let go of Farkle.

“I need a little more time!” She begged. But he wouldn’t budge.

“No more time. We aren’t starting off the new year with secrets between friends.”

“I’m lying for my friend , Farkle!” She said in exasperation. He shook his head.

“I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think SHE knows what she’s doing.”

“Do you know?”

“I’m sorry, Y/n…this is all new for me too. All I know is that we should always tell each other the truth.” He sighed. Y/n looked him in the eye.

“Farkle…if you really care about me, I know you will do the right thing.” He nodded.

“I do. I will.” Just then smackle came up to the roof.

“Hi Farkle! ” she latched onto her boyfriends arm and looked to Y/n. “Hi girl who’s not going to be with Farkle at midnight because he’s mine.” She smiled. Y/n laughed a little. Smackle pulled Farkle away and Jackson came up.

“Y/n, I think that I’ve proven that I care a lot about you. I’d really like it if you were standing with me at midnight.” He smiled.

“Everything you say makes sense, Jackson.” She said.

“Is that enough?” He asked. Y/n have him a sad smile.

“No…it’s not. You said it, you know it. A good relationship needs more…and you deserve more. I’m sorry.” She said quietly. He just gave her a small understanding smile.

“Don’t be. See what the new year brings. ” he walked away , leaving Y/n with her thoughts.

~ “5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …1! Happy new year!” Y/n tried to run , but she was too late.

“Y/n still loves Lucas! ” Farkle blurted. Every one on the roof fell quiet, their cheers replaced with an awkward silence. Y/n turned around.

“Happy new year…” She blew Into the noise maker.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening!” Yogi said, grabbing Darby and running out of there, the rest of their classmates following.

“Im sorry guys.” Farkle looked at Y/n as she stared down at her hands. “I did the right thing. I hope you can forgive me. Happy new year.”

He grabbed smackles hand and they left the roof with Riley ,Charlie and auggie , leaving Maya , Y/n , and Lucas by themselves. They all say down on the bench.

“It’s midnight…” Maya said quietly. Y/n nodded.

“And here we are.”

Don’t really have anything to say so I’m just gonna leave a bunch of emojis


French Perfume Part 5

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.6K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

A/N: I was inspired to write this section specifically because I wanted to expand on the fact that I believe that Crowley’s love language would be gift giving.

Warnings: language

Catch Up: French Perfume Series

After a day of training and still feeling like you got nowhere, you were exhausted, you dreamt of how to use your new found powers properly. When you awoke, on the empty side of your bed, there was a large white box adorned with a red bow and a dozen red roses in a vase on your dresser. You smiled and couldn’t believe your eyes; your boyfriend had done it again. Standing over the box, you saw another small white card.

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Good morning all! As you have seen a few weeks ago in one of my posts, I soon need to replace my damaged 10cm black classic leather pumps. I found these two pair and wanted to have your opinion: which one should I get? Model A (very classic with the little G) or B with the chain (which reminds me one of my boots)?
One is very classic and can be worn with everything and the other one too but a bit more eye catching I suppose…
Waiting for your opinion 🤔. Have a lovely day !