Some Classicshipping I drew yesterday, because cuties.

(I used some old markers that aren’t Copics, oops. I just don’t want them to go dry, it would be a waste) If someone wants me to draw them something with those markers, and doesn’t mind that they don’t look as good, go ahead and request something.)

(I may or may not do it, but if it has to do with Pokemon, your chances are good)


.:Classic Lights:.

I wanted to vid something quick and without really thinking about it. 

Oh look, it’s classic Blue~

So I tried something different. Usually, I draw out my sketch and then outline it. There were so many things I realized that were wrong with it after I’d coloured it, ugh. Her head is too long, I didn’t even bother with creases in her dress, don’t even mention the hands. Anyways, this still came out a lot better than I had expected it to.