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hey i been feelin kinda down in the dumps lately and i was wondering if u had like a nice fluffy fic rec? i don't think my achey breakey heart could take any angst at all rn. also its ok if u can't name any from the top of your head i could just take a nap instead (also luv u n ur art and i am highly anticipating the next arc!)

Pick me up buttercup by vppa is a classic fluffy fic!! Textual intercourse by sixtieshairdo is literally the cutest Yoongi’s so whipped for hoseok and the sugamon bff banter is 💯💯💯. According to my bookmarks “again again again” by mnsg is the cutest sugamon oneshot ive ever read but I haven’t read it in so long I don’t remember I bet it still is tho :’) why don’t you figure my heart out by dollyeo iS SO CUTE I love their namseok sm and I reread that one a lot

(I sorta just wanna share my bookmarks but my comments are all in caps and they’re all super embarrassing and annoying because I wrote them right after I read them so it’s full of fresh emotion and I’m)

I hope you feel better anon!! And thank you sm I hope you’ll enjoy the next arc as well 💖💗💖💗💖💖✨✨

EDIT: I CANT BELIEVE I LEFT IT OUT BUT CAN I GET YOUR DEWEY DECIMAL NUMBER NAMJIN IS ALSO THE CUTEST 💯💯💯💘💘💘💗💯 Double edit: pls scream at me if anyone of u guys read this LOL
The signs as lines from 'I'm Alan Partridge'
  • Aries: Colonel Mustard in the en-suite bathroom with the lead pipe. Battered.
  • Taurus: Dan! Dan! DAN! DAN. DAN.. .. DAN! DAN! DAN!
  • Gemini: Have you never had a cup of beans man?
  • Cancer: Lyn, I've pierced my foot on a spiiiike!
  • Leo: It's hotter than the sun!
  • Virgo: We're having a hoedown. I'm down. But I'm not a ho!
  • Libra: *plays air guitar to Gary Numan*
  • Scorpio: Go to London. You'll either be mugged or not appreciated.
  • Sagittarius: Flatley my dear, I don't River-dance.
  • Capricorn: Would it be terribly rude to stop listening to you and go and speak to somebody else?
  • Aquarius: That was classic intercourse. So, thanks.
  • Pisces: I don't like big feet, reminds me of gammon.