justinjaymie asked:

hey yeah I think you are right. TMZ is the one who is going to make the announcement that Louis is not the father. I am hoping that we get this announcement by this week. What do you think?


Now up to next Friday would be my guess, but I’m still reasoning following normal PR criteria and we are well aware that is useless here, has been for a ling time. I’m convinced TMZ is behind it, will break the news, will post another couple of follow up articles and then it’ll be over. All the other outlets will report on it, possibly not that much, just the basic info, and I think we’ll be done. A very very interesting detail is how completely disinterested in stunt 2.0 TMZ has been unitl now. They’re really only focused on this baby of a not that popular celebrity most of their audience isn’t even fazed by. Intriguing.

My only question is. They’re taking time, obviously going slow with this, why? What’s the purpose? Because this is quite a slow build up. Is it contracts related? Has to do with possible legal actions? What is it? Why?

Vel d'Hiv, the Velodrome d'Hiver or Winter Stadium, was a velodrome close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It became infamous in 1942 when it was used to hold Jews before they were sent to Auschwitz. Of over 13,000 people held at the Vel d'Hiv, only 400 survived.


Quaremont, The Colour of Spring

the wasp king - a Richard Gansey the III playlist 

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Oh My Love // The Score
Titanium // The Piano Guys (David Guetta) 
Coming Over // Kygo & Dillon Francis Feat. Kames Hersey 
Rumour Has It // Vitamin String Quartet (Adele) 
Mark My Words // Justin Bieber 
Skyfall // Vitamin String Quartet (Adele) 
I Want To Be Alone With You // Wishes
Midnight City // M83