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I was looking at some behind the scenes pictures of the reboot movie (more specifically of laraboot in the bike) and I couldn't help but notice how thin Alicia's legs are. This is not a jab at her looks, which are gorgeous, but for how long will we get fashion model looking action heroines with completely unfitting body types for the stunts they are supposed to be doing? Classic lara was portrayed with thick muscular arms and thighs and abs at least...

I have nothing against Alicia Vikander as an actress, I don’t even know her - never watched a movie with her. I don’t like the character nor the reboot itself, so I’m not enthusiastic about the game and the actress either, but it’s not personal anywway.

It’s true Classic Lara Croft was an athletic woman and Angelina Jolie was casted and trained to play her role the more fitting, the better. To be honest she did an amazing job and delivered a fine portrayal of the character, despite I never liked the classic movies. 

What about Vikander? Well, Laraboot doesn’t look athletic either. She’s a totally diffrent character, a thinner, more delicate girl… she doesn’t shine for any physical ability and condition. As I said I don’t know the actress but Vikander doesn’t look like a bad cast at all. She reminds me of Laraboot, precisely. Well, she’s even more gorgeous than her.

She also looks more athletic as the actress has been obviously training for the role, but still, she’s not like Classic Lara, who was athletic, positively amazonian :)

So in this case I think Vikander was casted after the character, and the character looks what it looks… a delicate, thin, slim girl, not an Amazon. Obviously it’s not the kind of person who can face a physical challenge, struggle for survival, and all those things. That’s why she mostly looks like a pretty face covered in rags and blood and dirt - nothing really inspiring, nor appealing but… it’s exactly what Laraboot looks like.

Summarizing: it’s not the cast, it’s the character itself. The character doesn’t look like the type for an action, adventure, survival envinroment. The actress was correctly casted after the character, I think. The character is what it is - honestly, and in my humble opinion - bad written.

PS: Of course, I know it’s an origin story and she’s not supposed to be Hulk from minute 0 and all that shit, but still, she doesn’t look pretty much changed in Rise, and again, they put more attention in modelling her ass and hair, than in an athletic, well fit body. You know, running away from boobs aka sexualization, you forget other essentials…

Loading screen for The Great Wall of China level I painted for the Tomb Raider II Unreal Engine remake by Nicobass ♥

To say that this painting was extremely special to me is to say nothing. Nico is the very first TR artist I saw whose works made my jaw go way below the sea level. What is more importantly, this is the reason why I joined devinatArt years back. And the reason why I have started painting in the first place. So now, when my art has gone from noob-ish fanarts to smth I do professionally, working together with one of my absolute TR icons on the remake of my favorite TR game (one of the two!) feels just crazy! The point of this mushy speech is – do what you love, guys! Follow your passion no matter what and the most unimaginably great things happen.  

Full Confession:

I struggle with depression and anxiety daily. Lately, it’s been worse than ever. I try to immerse myself in the games to keep my mind off things. I try to tell myself that I need to hold on because that’s what Lara would do.

I look back throughout my life and I can’t remember a moment without Lara. My Dad brought home a Playstation when I was 3. I remember seeing a girl on TV and asking who she was, and saying she was pretty.

That was when I became hooked.

As a small child, she helped me through school and my mother’s alcoholism. She helped me through my parent’s breakup. My Grandfather’s cancer and death. She made me want to live, to learn, to better myself.

Not long before my Grandad passed away, he bought me the Tomb Raider magazine that only ran a short time in UK. I think I still have the poster somewhere, covered in love heart stickers. He encouraged my love for Lara because he knew she was a positive influence, something I desperately needed in my life.

When I started self harming at age 11, I’d beat myself up afterwards, because Lara wouldn’t have done that. Again, I turned to the games instead of hurting myself.

As I got older and saw different psychiatrists, and was put on various antidepressants, one psychiatric nurse told me that living through Lara and “being her” to be confident was a good idea, but to maybe let her go when I could cope on my own. Obviously, I never took the latter part of her advice.

Lara helped me through the bullying I faced as a teenager. Through more fights with my mother. Eventually my mother and I bonded because of Lara when she started helping me with costumes.

I’ve made some of my dearest friends because of Lara, back in the day on various forums. I’ve travelled to meet two of them.

I have her name tattooed on me to remind me to be strong.

Even now, when I feel like everything is going wrong, when I think about suicide daily, I look to Lara for inspiration, for strength.

Never underestimate the impact a game can have on someone’s life. In my case, if it weren’t for a game, I wouldn’t be here.