classic xl


Snes Classic Mini and Snes 3DS XL

This week has been great :D Nintendo UK store were really totally hopeless, even though i preordered in the first hour of the preorder being up months ago they couldnt get my 3DS to me for release day or even 5 days after release day. so i ordered somewhere else and happily it arrived today :D  

Back to the good news the snes is one of those things where i can genuinely say “this is a part of my childhood” it was the first home console i ever owned and got it Christmas morning when i was about 8 and gamed on it for most of the 90′s until i regrettably sold it to buy more new games for the PS1, thankfully i now own 3 Snes consoles but il always wonder where my original one is now or who’s attic its sitting in cold and lonely :(

The Snes classic Mini is amazing! i have an original snes and a flash cart which enables you to play every snes game ever on one kart on the original console but the save states and functionality of the Snes Classic Mini are very very cool! i can cheat and beat all those games i never could by using save states :P the game selection could have been bigger with only 21 games a lot of the classics were left out but the games on there are amazing, like the very first ever Mario Kart game which in my opinion is still the best (and hardest) Mario kart game and its just insane that Mario kart as a game hasn’t really changed very much in all of the incarnations over a period of about 25 years, I’m glad Nintendo realise with this one that if it aint broke don’t fix it!!! 

The 3DS XL is a really amazing design too, though i don’t know many games i want to play for the 3DS its just a really cool item to own.